Scotch of the Month: Kirkland Speyside – 20 Year


Alright, let’s add a second bottle for the shortest month. I’ve been eyeing this at *ahem* Costco and curious how a 20 year-old could go for $45. More to be curious about when label checking: The distillery is not revealed. It’s just noted as “Speyside,” which is a kind of a big place. Not to be deterred by a bargain priced scotch we gave it a shot…then a few more.

The verdict? This is a 20 year-old single malt with no major flaws for under 50 bucks. If your wallet is hurting and you don’t mind a slight downgrade in quality, then we recommend grabbing a bottle. Then grab another one after a taste.

We give it 3 out of 5 Dirty Turbans.

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