(PHOTOS) Morning Wood: Happy 100th Birthday to the Bra

The bra turns 100 this week and we would like to take this moment to tip our dirty turban towards that device that tortures women and men everywhere – how do you get this damn thing off!

1914: The “modern” bra is first introduced.


1924: Doubled as birth control.


1934: The 30’s were depressing in more ways than one.


1944: What is the “magic inset” and can my girlfriend get one?


1954: Bettie Page gave your grandad wood. *please don’t imagine that*


1964: The Times were a changin’.


1974: Wonder Woman was your first crush. Admit it.


1984: The Victoria’s Secret catalog debuts or as it was known then – “the poor man’s Playboy.”


1994: Madonna’s cone bra never quite caught on and was kind of creepy.

Photo of MADONNA

2004: Tyra Banks’ $10 million diamond bra could cut glass (and your face).


2014: As predicted by Nostradamus: Lady Ga Ga introduces “the flamer.”


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