(VIDEO) Don’t Drop the Soap File: Guy Aaron Hernandez Beat up in Jail was Handcuffed


Former New England Patriot and current resident of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections Aaron Hernandez beat up another inmate this week in the Bristol County jail where he’s hanging out until he gets sent to a bigger, better prison for being a murderous psychopath.


Well, it turns the guy Hernandez beat up was handcuffed at the time and unable to defend himself.

TMZ reports:

The other inmate had been talking smack to Hernandez … and Aaron had been upset. When they got into the hallway, Aaron attacked … and we’re told he beat the crap out of the guy. Since the victim’s hands were restrained, he could barely defend himself from Aaron’s assault, which we’re told was brutal.

The jailhouse officials are still “investigating” the fight, but come one, are there any rules when it comes to jailhouse beatdowns? Did Oz teach us nothing?

[h/t Rattlehead]

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