Scotch of the Month: Springbank 10 Year Old 100 Proof


Here at the Dirty Turban we may take our sports with a touch of sarcasm, but we are serious when it comes to our scotch. This months selection – Springbank 10 Year Old 100 Proof – was sent to us by a fellow scotch snob we’ll call “Scotty McShitfaced.”

We were skeptical at first. I mean who sends someone they have never met a $60 bottle of scotch, but, after sampling, we tip our dirty turban in your general direction, sir.

Produced in Campbeltown – a region that once had 28 distilleries and produced a lot of whisky, but is now down to just three active distilleries – Springbank single-malt begins its life in bourbon barrels and finishes out in sherry casks. The unique distilling process gives it a rich, sweet, smoky, kind of toffee-like flavor. After one dram we were hoping someone had sent us a cigar as well.

Thanks for the bottle, Scotty. Cheers. We give it 3.5 Dirty Turbans.

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