Oakland Raiders Moving to Portland, Oregon?

Portland, Oregon wants its own NFL team and will go to any length to get – and by any length we mean starting a petition drive.

A petition was recently posted on Change.org urging people to ask Oregon governor John Kitzhaber to get them an NFL team. The petition states that adding an NFL franchise would “dramatically increase the footprint of the state, bring tax revenue, create jobs and create a multi-use venue that would increase tourism.”

According to NFLToPortland.com, they already have a team in mind that would fit perfectly in the Beaver state – the Oakland Raiders.

“The NFL is America’s No. 1 sport. Portland is the country’s largest metropolitan area with only one of the big three major league sports franchises.

“The Raiders are unhappy in Oakland, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has talked expanding to 34 teams.

“After near misses in Portland with the Delta Dome and folding USFL isn’t it time Oregon finally landed an NFL team of its own to love?”

Where’s Al Davis when you need him? Oh, he’s playing golf with Mussolini and Jeffrey Dahmer in Hell. My bad.

Good luck, Portland.

[h/t KGW]

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