WTF File: Become a Cunning-Linguist With New App


Remember the good ol’ days when gas cost a dollar, people died of polio and you had to learn how to please your lady friend all on your own?

Well, those days are long gone thanks to the Arabs, vaccines and a new smartphone app called “Lick This” that teaches the up-and-coming generation how to get down on it.

The app uses touch-screen technology and engages users in a series of tongue twisting exercises like flicking a light switch on and and turning a crank by literally licking the screen.

“Lick This” co-creator Chris Allick said, “Do we think you’ll be a better lover because of it? No.”

Go ahead, kids, start licking your phone, but please remember – safety first – and wrap it up.


[h/t elitedaily]

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