Joe Maddon Coaching Rays to Get an Edge on Instant Replay , Also Building Time Machine out of old DeLorean

Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is a brilliant baseball mind – just ask him.

AAJOE2With MLB expanding instant replay this season, Maddon thinks he’s found a loophole in the system that may give his team advantage.

Maddon told the Tampa Times, “I think the what-ifs are almost limitless. And that’s the part people don’t even understand. When you open Pandora’s box, it’s not as cut and dried as you think.”

According to the Times, the Rays were practicing possible scenarios this week.

Rays infielders were doing a drill Wednesday where, with a runner on second and a ground ball hit, they got what theoretically was the third out of an inning at first base, but they threw home anyway to potentially get another out.

Maddon’s premise? That if the call at first was reviewed and that runner was ruled safe, that continuing the play to the plate could lead to the other runner being called out to still end the inning, or at least sent back to third when the umpires decide on placement since he would have been out.

Maddon says there is a method to his madness, “The dynamics of the game, hypothetically speaking, changed based off the outcome of instant replay calls. So I think it’s something that we’ll probably talk more about.

He’s Joe Maddon, the most interesting man in the world. Just ask him.

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