**UPDATE** Darren Sproles’ Wife is Pissed and She’s Bringing the Wrath of God


Running back Darren Sproles has spent his last three season with the New Orleans Saints. That relationship is about to come to an end.

**UPDATE** Sproles has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sproles found out through Twitter that he’s about to get traded. Mrs. Sproles took to Instagram to share her thoughts. She’s not happy.


Mrs. Sproles later told TMZ:

“I started out just jokingly expressing myself,” Michel says … “It’s gotten misconstrued. I wasn’t attacking the Saints FANS.”

Michel says her beef is only with the front office.

Still, Michel says she doesn’t regret posting the message … but notes, “I maybe should have delivered it differently.”

“When you’re sad, you express yourself as you normally wouldn’t.”

As for Darren, Michel says he predicted that her post would “blow up” before she put it online … she disagreed.

“He was right, I was wrong,” Michel says. Though she says he hasn’t commented about the situation since the post went up.

“These people don’t have to follow me, they can voluntarily exit my Instagram.”

Watch your back, Sean Payton. The wrath you felt from the NFL over “Bountygate” ain’t nothing compared to this lady.

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