(VIDEO) Puckheads Sue Over ‘Beergate’

A couple of hops loving hockey fans are suing an Idaho arena because they sold $7 “large” beers that contained the same amount of beer as the $4 “small” brews.

Go ahead and overcharge us fans for tickets, parking, hot dogs, but don’t start messing with our beer. That’s going too far.

The lawsuit came just two days after a video was posted on YouTube of a beer purchased at CenturyLink Arena, home of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team. That video shows a fan pouring the “large” beer it into an empty “small” cup. In both cups, the beer reaches nearly to the brim. It’s science.

The lawsuit states customers were “defrauded” and are looking for $10,000 in damages -or 625 cases of Bud Light. It’s negotiable.

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