Red Sox Prospect Jon Denney Arrested, Tells Police ‘I’m Looking For Pussy’


Jon Denney of the Boston Red Sox is not the smartest prospect on the diamond. Actually, he’s kind of a dick.

The 19-year-old catcher was busted this week for driving on a suspended license for a previous DUI.

Police pulled the kid over after he was spotted swerving all over the road. When he was asked what he was doing in Fort Myers at two in the morning, Denney said, “Partying and looking to get some pussy.”

High five, chest bump, bro.

The police gave the kid a break and let him call a friend. However, the fun didn’t end there. A couple hours later the dipshit was spotted driving again – apparently still searching for a little PNP.

This time Denney tried the “don’t you know who I am approach” because, you know, that always works.

According to the police report, Denney said “he was a Boston Red Sox player and he didn’t care.. He had money and made more money than we would ever see.” When handcuffed, Denney said “he would be out in no time because of who he played for and that he made three million a year.”

Denney spent the rest of the night in jail.

As for the million dollar claims, according to, Denney signed with the Sox for $875,000 and makes approximately $1000 a month.

If there’s one thing I hate it’s idiotic, drunken, spoiled jocks playing the “I’m better than you” card. Here’s hoping this kid screws up again and ends up in jail where he’ll be Bubba’s “catching prospect” for a few years.

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