(VIDEO) Usain Bolt Wins the ‘Daggering’ Gold

There’s little doubt that Usain Bolt is an Olympic legend, but did you also know he’s a gold medal winner when it comes to ‘daggering’?

What the hell is daggering? Glad you asked, voice of uninformed-but-nonetheless-handsome reader.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

“Daggering is where a man and woman are dancing in a sexually provocative manner, which usually includes them simulating various sexual positions, and often times, rough sex. Daggering is popular in the dancehalls of Jamaican.”

TMZ posted a bunch of the pics online and you can check them here. Are they NSFW? I don’t know. It’s just dancing, boss.

Whatever the case, I’ve never heard of daggering and look forward to seeing drunken white girls doing this in clubs from Boston to Bismark.

[h/t Barstool Boston]

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