(VIDEO) Morning Wood: ‘Sexercise’ With Kylie Minogue

Is Kylie Minogue still popular? Who cares. Here’s her new video for what may be the worst pop song of all-time “Sexercise.”

Just turn down the sound and make sure the wife (and the boss) are not watching.

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8 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Morning Wood: ‘Sexercise’ With Kylie Minogue

  1. Haha, The Dirty Turban that made me laugh. I highly doubt there will ever come a time when Kylie isn’t popular. She’d have to do something pretty wrong — like getting caught kicking a poodle really hard, or something — to get any negative attention, I think.

    Speaking of negative attention, I blogged and drew some illustrations of Kylie last night on sillyoldgoat.com

    If Kylie ever happens to see them, I think she may just scream. There had better not be any poodles around at the time, either. I’d hate to get the blame for bringing Kylie’s reputation down…


    Silly Old Goat

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