(VIDEO) WTF FILE: Lingerie Fighting Championship – Great Idea or Greatest Idea?

How did our dirty turban miss this? There is a lingerie fighting league?! It’s the WWE crossed with Porn Hub. Brilliant.

The Lingerie Fighting Championships was founded by skank genius Roni Taylor after she watched a couple of MMA ring girls get into a ringside cat fight. Of course the audience was more interested in the girl-on-girl action than anything else, thus the LFC was born.

According to the LFC website, “The LFC is a throw-back to old-time MMA in that there are no weight divisions. All the fighters train full-time… [and] only the hottest girls get to fight.”

The LFC will be holding their first pay-per-view event “Leather vs. Lace” on April 11 and we must say we are titillated looking forward to the excellent athletic competition.

[h/t Uproxx]

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