(VIDEO) Batman and Spider-Man Sing New Hockey Anthem – ‘Puck Yeah!’

Check out the “Puck Yeah!” video from our puckheaded friends north of the border while I go on a rant.

Is it time for some playoff hockey yet? It can’t come soon enough. Playoff hockey is the greatest postseason in all of sports. It’s a fact, it’s science.

You can keep your March Madness with it’s one and done 18-year-old illiterates.

MLB goes on for way too long and needs steroids to be exciting.

The NBA lets every team into the playoffs then just hands the championship to the team with the most floppable marketable player.

And the NFL?  Well…I can’t complain here, but Emperor Goodell does want to mess it up by adding more teams. How NBA of him.

But playoff hockey is king in my world. I don’t care if you don’t watch, that makes me like it even more. It’s tough, there are real intense rivalries (F you, Canada!), there are upsets, playoff beards, crazed fans, body checks, fights, blood and the Stanley Cup is the top prize in all sports – who wouldn’t want to drink beer out of that thing?! Then, after beating the shit out of each other for a couple hours, the players shake hands and do it all again the next night. That, my athletic supporters, is real sport.

Featured writer: The Guru



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