(PHOTO) Soccer Star Gets to Second Base


So, wiener pulling is a thing in soccer?

Icelandic-American soccer player Aron Johannsson was apparently the victim of on-field retaliation in the Eredivisie this weekend and no one even bought him dinner first.  

Roda defender Guy Ramos apparently took exception to a comment Johannsson made and went after his (ahem) “Little Johannsson” and gave it a bit of a pinch. Ramos was let off the hook for this incident while Johannsson went on to score, to give his team a draw on the day. 

Men and their wieners…I will never understand. Women just pick on each other and make snide comments until one of us develops a severe drinking problem or eating disorder. We could start pinching each other’s boobs, but then guys wouldn’t be able to watch anything else. 

[Ed. Note: Please start doing that.]

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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