(POLL) Billion Dollar Bracket of the Absurd Championship


Finally this goddamn Billion Dollar Bracket of the Absurd comes to a merciful end. I had no idea when I agreed to do this that I’d have to actually pay attention to real votes and stuff. The whole idea was to make fun of those hoop heads that go mad and won’t shut up about their friggin’ brackets for a month. Just an FYI as UConn prepares to take on Kentucky for the NCAA Championship tonight – and I’m sure this is true for you as well – the only person out of the 30 or so in the office that wasted work hours filling out their brackets that picked these two in the finals is some lady in HR that has no clue about basketball or any sport that doesn’t involve kitten videos on YouTube. But, I digress…

We have made it to the finale of our Billion Dollar Bracket of the Absurd. Just pick the winner and retweet to qualify to win a Dirty Turban t-shirt.


Billion Dollar Bracket of the Absurd Championship

Fat guy on mini-bike vs. Red Vines


Fat guy on a mini-bike was a No. 1 seed and knocked out taxi driver Travis Bickle to make it to the finals. He only stayed in the contest this long because he thinks we’re taking him to Five Guys when it’s all done.

Sweet, delicious Red Vines you are so much better than Twizzlers. Red Vines defeated the immortal Charles Bronson in a close one to make it to this very important moment in blogging history: Champion of the absurd.


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