(VIDEO) Fox News Host Forgets She is Not Wearing Her White Hood, Calls UCONN ‘NAACP’ Champs

Well, America, UCONN Men’s Basketball team pulled off an underdog win over Kentucky last night to take home the 2014 NCAA Championship Title.  This, apparently, has some of the right-wingers over at Fox News a little flustered.

Heather Childers, host for Fox & Friends First, got a little overzealous and referred to UCONN as the “NAACP National Champs”, which we all know is an acronym for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

She did manage to catch her Freudian slip the second time around and correctly referred to the team as the “NCAA champions”, but not before letting her white, pointy hood show.

Look, she is blonde (like Hitler wanted), probably has never watched a sporting event in her life, is an anchor on Fox News, and, dammit! those double “A’s” can confuse anyone…anyone who hasn’t spent their life eating lead paint chips, that is.


Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling



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