The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/10


DraftKings is your humble-but-nonetheless handsome Guru’s new addiction and I have a monkey on my back that is the size of Rosie O’Donnell. No matter, we are winning cash and have more than doubled the bankroll in the last week. KA-CHING! I’m buying a new cashmere turban and a bottle of expensive scotch. Cheers.  

When it comes to winning real money playing fantasy baseball in DFS leagues there are a few things to keep in mind: 1) Pitching leads the way and strikeouts are king. 2) Build stacks against the days worst pitchers. 3) Check the Vegas odds on what games are predicted to have high scores. Vegas knows what they are doing, why not use them. 4) Know the overlay. Many sites guarantee the payout and when a tournament doesn’t fill, the money is still guaranteed, but there are fewer people competing for it. 5) Know the weather, know the lineups. There are plenty of sites out there with the info. Don’t be left with a giant zero because your star got a day off or it rained frogs in Cleveland.  

With all that out of the way, here is the team I’m rolling out there tonight 4/10 in fantasy baseball.  

Prices are based on Draftkings values

SP 1 – Marco Estrada – $8,800: Estrada was one of my sleeper arms to start the season. He gets the Phillies tonight and their bats are $leeping.

SP 2 – Jenrry Mejia – $7,400: The Braves strikeout a lot. Mejia is a strikeout pitcher. It’s $cience.

C – Brian McCann – $4,300: McCann has yet to hit a homer. That changes tonight against the Red Sox Clay Buchholz who got pounded in his debut and looks like Cricket from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

1B – Edwin Encarnacion -$4,800: We’re going to stack against the Lastros today with some power bats. Bad teams with bad pitching in a dome leads to homer$.

2B – Aaron Hill – $4,700: Hill has a three homers and a .563 average against SF starter Ryan Vogelsong in 16 plate appearances. Look$ like money to me. 

3B – Martin Prado – $3,600: It’s an infield mini-$tack of D-Backs. Prado has been batting cleanup and has 10+ fantasy points in his last four games.

SS – Marcus Semien – $3,300: Shortstop is thin tonight so go value. $emien hits at the top of the order and has 39 fantasy points in his last two games.

OF – Jose Bautista – $4,800: Joey Bats crushes lefties. Guess what he gets tonight? A lefty lo$er named Dallas Keuchel.

OF – Melky Cabrera – $4,200: Melky is averaging 15+ fantasy points in his last four games, hits leadoff and is part of our Blue Jay OF mini-$tack.

OF – Nick Swisher – $3,700: Let someone overpay for Goldschmidt – $wish is our value play value play of the day with a career OPS versus lefties of .852 and has two home runs in 16 plate appearances against John “Doink” Danks.

Value Plays: David Hale, SP, $8,700 – Gerado Parra, OF, $3,600 – Parra hits leadoff against righties and it’s hard to ignore the 31 fantasy points he last night. Ryan Rayburn , OF, $2,800 –  Raburn is a sniper against left-handers and is 11-for-32 with three home runs off Danks. Miguel Montero, C, $3,400 – The mini-Miggy could be part of a mini-stack vs. the Giants. 

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