Mike Schmidt Wants to Replace Umpires With ‘Force Fields’


With Major League Baseball expanding instant replay this season we have already seen a number of calls get overturned and made right. What could be next for MLB as technology expands through the national pastime may surprise you: Force fields.

Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt was a guest on a Philly radio station and had an interesting idea for calling balls and strikes:

“I think the umpire at home plate should not call balls and strikes. I think they should have a force field over home plate and if the pitcher throws and the ball touches the force field a little bell goes off and it’s a strike. That would expand the strike zone to the point where the hitters would now have to swing the ball, which would shorten the game. You’d think it would be something very easy to do with what they can do electronically in our world today.”

Brilliant idea, Schmidty. While we are at have players use light saber bats or better yet, replace the players entirely and have a team of Terminator-style robots play the game.


Featured Writer: The Guru



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