The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/13


The second week of the baseball season is wrapping up, and we are starting to get a little bit of clarity regarding hitters and pitchers. Sunday is a strange day – lots of top tier pitchers vs. middle tier pitchers – so it’s difficult to choose two of them, but have no fear, I think I chose the right ones value-wise for us to ca$h in.

Prices are based on Draftkings values

SP 1 – Martin Perez, Texas Rangers, $9,000 – Perez is facing the Houston A$$tros, a team who can light up a pitcher every now and then, but I’m not counting on it today. Pitching is very deep today, and $9,000 is reasonable for this match up.

SP 2 – C.J Wilson, Anaheim Angels, $10,800 – Wilson was f’ing awe$ome earlier this week. He’ll try and carry over that momentum into this game against the Mets who, like the Asstros, love to whiff at the ball.

C – Mike Zunino, Seattle Mariners, $2,800 – Punt play, pitching ate up a lot of our salary, so I took a match up that could po$$ibly work in our favor.  Go with the former Gator.

1B – Matt Adams, St. Louis Cardinals, $3,300 – Fat Matt is priced really low, no idea why. The pitcher he is facing is Edwin Jackson of the Cubs, who is either really dominant or really crap. We vote he crap$ out.

2B – Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds, $3,700 – Phillips plays in a hitters ball park and is going up against LHP Cesar Ramos of the Tampa Bay Rays.  Phillips bats high in the lineup, has a bit of pop and a bit of speed. I like this play a lot, especially at this ta$ty price.

3B – Trevor Plouffe, Minnesota Twins, $3,700 – Look at this budget management, I found us one of the hottest hitting third basemen in baseball for under $4,000.  PS… You are welcome for our $uggestion on Friday.

SS – Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers, $4,200 – This game has the highest over/under total today, so I like this play.  Elvi$ hits for average, has good speed, and bats second in the lineup.  Go with the King.

OF 1 – Charlie Blackmon, Colorado Rockies, $3,700 – Chuck Na$ty is the hottest hitter in baseball right now, not sure DraftKings got that memo.

OF 2 – Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals, $4,700 – Mr. Nattitude has been $winging a decent bat lately, hopefully he takes out some of that anger against Aaron Harang and the Atlanta Braves today.

OF – Brandon Moss, Oakland Athletics, $4,200 – Moss should feast on right-handed pitcher Chris Young tomorrow.  Young hasn’t started a game in like 25 years, I expect first day jitters, and Mo$$ should benefit off those jitters.

As always, check weather conditions and daily lineups before games to make sure your players are playing today. Avoid the Chicago White Sox/Cleveland Indians game since it will most likely be rained out. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Contributing Writer: El Oso Blanco



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