The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/25


Some days it’s all unicorns and rainbows. Other days it’s all dog sh*t and speeding tickets. Yesterday was the latter for your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru. For the first time this year we got shut out of the winnings and won the golden sombrero as we went 0-4. Our Toronto stack went cold and we paid the price. I blame Rob Ford. Crack is a hellava drug. 


Fortunately we could withstand the damage to our bankroll as we have tripled our initial investment. Here’s DFS tip #643 for you: Never wager more than 10% of your bank on any given night. You may not win huge, but you won’t lose huge either and be left trying to chase losses.

Let’s get back to the winning ways tonight. Here’s the Dirty Turban roster we’re rolling with tonight 4/25. 

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – Stephen Strasburg, $11,400: It’s Stra$$. The best arm on the board. Watch out for rain, however.

SP 2 – Jesse Chavez, $11,000: We’re paying for pitching tonight. Chavez is a strikeout pitcher. The Astros strikeout a lot. It’s $cience. 

C – Drew Butera, $1,900: Punt play alert. Maybe he gets a hit. Check the lineup fir$t. 

1B – Miguel Cabrera, $5,300: There’s a lot to love at first base tonight. I love Miggy mo$t. 

2B – Scooter Gennentt, $3,600: DraftKings prices have caught up with the Scooter. However, we’ll pay this for a guy hitting second in a game in which the Brewers will score. A lot. A Milwaukee $tack would be a nice play tonight. 

3B – Pablo Sandoval, $3,600: The Panda is in a grizzly-sized slump – he has just two hits in a week. A stat that we always use when measuring matchups is weighted on-base average (wOBA). Sandoval’s wOBA vs.right-handers  is .359 with 44 homers. Panda break$ out tonight. 

SS – Chris Owings, $2,600: Speaking of wOBA, Owings’ is .366 against righties. The pri$e is right. Come on down! 

OF 1 – Jayson Werth, $3,700: Werth’s OPS over the last three years is over .900 against left-handers. He get$ a leftie tonight. 

OF 2 – Austin Jackson, $3,500: The Tigers will $core tonight and A-Jax will be right in the middle of it. 

OF 3 – Matt Joyce, $3,400: Great value deal here as Joyce cru$hes left-handed pitching. 48 of his 56 career homers have been off lefties.This may be the one player we have on all our teams tonight.

As always check the lineups, check weather and don’t construct your team after five hard ciders.

Featured Writer: The Guru



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