NBA Dropping the Ball With Racist Owner

aasterlingWe think it’s agreed across the NBA that players, coaches, owners and fans want Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling gone from the game after his paramour/nurse released his racist comments to TMZ over the weekend.

However, this is not an issue for new commissioner Adam Silver to decide. Silver works for the other owners in that league of greed and, while they have no problem dropping fines on Mark Cuban for bitching about a foul, they’ve let this Clipper Klansman spout his ignorant bullshit for 34 years while turning his team into a complete joke.

Sterling’s history of bigotry is well documented and the slum lord has been sued in the past for unfair renting practices, wrongful termination and discrimination on the basis of race. This has all been public knowledge in and out of the NBA and the league has done nothing. 

Silver has a press conference planned for Tuesday and will address the media. I think we all know how that will go: An investigation, talks of sanctions, condemning words, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, this 80-year-old racist will rake in millions from Clippers playoff games. Do you really think the NBA is going to take the team away from him? These good ol’ boys stick together. There’s a reason that Michael Jordan is the only minority owner in a sport that has been predominantly black for decades. 

aamagic1Magic, BarkleyLeBron, Snoop Dogg and President Obama can condemn the words while the Clippers wear their warmups inside out in some sort of wardrobe protest, but that accomplishes nothing. Want to really make a statement? Want to really make a difference? Want all those headlines you know and love, NBA players? Refuse to play for him. Refuse to play against him. Refuse to play in a league that allows him. Make a statement. Hit Sterling and all the owners that kept him in the league for over three decades where it hurts – the wallet. If the players across the league want to really show their “outrage” don’t play another playoff game until this plantation owner is sent packing.

We always hear that it’s a “players league” and now is the opportunity to prove it. It’s time for the players themselves to step up and take action beyond wearing black socks. This goes beyond basketball. 

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