The Dirty South: Lap Dancing Teacher Expelled



What is it that every teenage boy dreams of when he’s making sweet, sweet love to his tube sock?  Pretty Sally next door?  Some hottie on MTV2?  Maybe.  But what teenage boy has not had some fantasy about a teacher?  Van Halen even agreed about being “Hot for Teacher”.  But in this case, reality is far less attractive than the musings of some sex-starved adolescent male.

aateacherThe setting:  Harris County, Texas.  A 42-year old teacher, Felicia Smith, was charged with an “improper relationship with a student” after she gave a 15-year old male student a 3.54 minute lap dance in front of the class as a “birthday present”.

Smith reportedly admitted to police that she did give the student a lap dance, but that the class “convinced” her “to do it”.  She then told police that she remembered “circling the student while he was sitting in the chair” and losing her balance a few times, which apparently made the students “laugh”.  Hey guys, looking all hot and sexy as we circle you isn’t as easy as you may think.

Much like porn vs. reality, the said teacher is a far cry from that other Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz . But hey, at the end of the day, you are a teenage boy who just got a full-contact lap dance from the teach in front of your entire class.  You get down wit’ yo bad self, Mr. Wet Spot!

You may not want to make it rain on her in the club, but, honestly, what teenage boy (or grown man) would turn down anyone or anything coming even remotely close to Mr. Happy?  You men and your wieners.

Stay classy, Harris County.  Looks like something in the “South” rose again!

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling

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