(VIDEO) Diamondbacks Fan Attempts to Catch Foul Ball, Fails Miserably, Solidifies Life of Celibacy

An Arizona Diamondbacks fan (yeah, they do exist) attempted to catch a foul ball in Monday night’s game at Chase Field against the Colorado Rockies, failed miserably, and ended up spilling his over-priced, watered down beer all over his date.

The best part?  His buddy next to him ends up with the ball…and the girl, no doubt. Because, let’s face it ladies, we always want to end up with the guy who knows how to handle his balls and alcohol, without leaving us to dry ourselves off.  Something tells me that this is not the first time this poor girl was left “disappointed” by this guy.  The internet salutes you, stone-handed, inept, unmanliest man on the planet right now.  Men everywhere are thanking you for making them seem like rock stars, while women have just realized what they don’t want in a man.

Oh, and guys, for future reference, if your woman ever looks at you like this girl looks at her man, you are never getting laid again.  Just a little inside tip from your favorite single, but glamorously beautiful Southern gal .

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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