Morning Wood: Throwback Thursday with Cameron Diaz is Magically Gif-licious!

I’ve loved Cameron Diaz since I first laid my lust filled eyes on her in The Mask with Jim Carrey back in 1994. Now that we’re both a little older I can honestly say Cam is still my personal little blue pill as she enters the cougar stage of her career. Smokin’!


Of course Something About Mary was the flick that made more than her hair sticky.


Those jiggly Charlies Angels movies were a guilty pleasure I’m not afraid to admit.


She was the only good thing about Vanialla Sky – if you saw that piece of sh*t flick you know what I mean.


And Bad Teacher is a Cam classic.


We’ll even pretend her time spent with A-Rod never actually happened after she revealed on Watch What Happens Live that she’s swam in the lady pond.

Featured Writer: The Guru




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