Browns Boast Manziel as ’22th Draft Pick’ in Twitter #Fail

aamanziel2Well, you all wondered where Johnny Football would end up.  As a former Aggie, this single, yet glamorously beautiful Southern girl was somewhat curious herself.  Twitter was abuzz last night with speculation, predictions and one hysterical tweet after another as teams repeatedly passed over Manziel round after round.  In the end, Manziel ended up with the Cleveland Browns.

Hello, Cleveland.

Cleveland, where pigeons fly upside down because there is nothing worth crapping on.  Cleveland, where the only thing that grows is the crime rate.  Cleveland, where they castrate someone by kicking his sister in the mouth.  And, Cleveland, where “22th” is a number.

In the rush to announce that Johnny Stripclub Football will be wearing brown and orange, the geniuses that run the Browns’ Twitter account showed what a Cleveland edu-ma-cation is really like.


Stay smart, Cleveland!

Hat tip to Awful Announcing for the screencap.

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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