(PHOTO) Mitch Williams Goes Wild Thing at Kid’s Baseball Game, Calls Ump ‘Mother****er’


According to Deadspin, former “Wild Thing” and current MLB Network mindless babbler Mitch Williams lost it on the umps during a baseball game for 10-year-olds. Williams even called the umpire a name that insults mothers everywhere on their most special of days.

Witnesses told Deadspin:

“[Williams] had been arguing balls and strikes and was upset about a play at the plate where his team was called out. In the top of the 5th while he was coaching first base he yelled to another parent that he would have the umpire fired. The Umpire confronted him and Mitch went off. He threatened the umpire called him a motherfucker in front of 10 year olds. They were faced to face inches from each other arguing. He had to be restrained by other coaches. The umpire rightfully kicked him out.”

Williams then took to Twitter in attempt to set the record straight.

MLB Network hasn’t released a statement yet and by all reports the umpire’s mother has not been violated in any way.

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