Dirty South: Wife Calls 911 on Freaky Husband After He Asks Her to ‘Hook Up’ With His Sisters


Here we are again, my sexy and loyal followers.  Today’s journey into the Dirty South explores that ol’ southern tradition of keepin’ it in the family. 

aahillbilly1The Setting:  Chesnee, S.C.  A 58-year-old woman, whose name has not been disclosed, called 911 on her 72-year-old husband after he told her that he wanted her to “hook up with his sisters.”  The woman told Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Deputies that her husband had some “sex problems.”  The report went on to say that the woman reported that she not only DID NOT want to hook up with her sister-in-laws, but she now wanted them prohibited from coming to her house. Deputies reportedly spoke to her about the “no trespass” law, but nothing was discussed about banging family.

As you probably have all suspected by now, this is not the first case of a family cumming coming together, down in good ol’ South Carolina.  In September, a man allegedly beat up his girlfriend during a three-way…with her cousin.  

We here in the Dirty South salute you, sex freaks of South Carolina.  As they say, “the family that hangs together, bangs together!”  I am not sure if it is something in the water in South Carolina or not, so I will stick to my Mint Juleps and bourbon, just in case. 

Note to self: Cancel plans to attend family reunion in South Carolina.

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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