WTF File: A-Rod, Dave Navarro and Internet Three-Ways


Even though he’s been banned from baseball for the year Alex Rodriguez can’t seem to stay out of the headlines.

Rocker and Ink Master Dave Navarro told a tale on his radio show Dark Matter about a time he got a hummer from a woman as A-Rod watched on Skype and *ahem* choked up on his bat so to speak. A-Rod even apparently played third base coach as he waved the young lady home in some sort of weird cyber three-way. 

It’s tough to doubt Dave who has banged everything from Carmen Electra and Jenna Jameson to Sasha Grey and Stormy Daniels. Navarro said he didn’t even know who A-Rod was at the time and thought he was a rapper. 

You can listen to the whole podcast here with the A-Rod Skype session story starting around the 1-hour 49-minute mark.

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