The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 5/26

Happy Memorial Day, my fantasy junkies. Fire up the grill, pop some cold ones, drag the TV out on the front porch all hillbilly-style and watch some All-American base n’ balls.


It was a productive seven days for your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru last week as we increased our bankroll by 100%. KA-CHING! Let’s keep winning, let’s keep making money and let’s get one step closer to a winter in Cancun. We had a number of day games today so we turn our soon-to-be bloodshot eyes towards the four games on the night slate. It looks like a night to stack some bats. Vegas likes the KC and TOR bats tonight and that’s where we’ll be looking.

Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Monday 5/26. Good luck, cheers.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – Yordano Ventura, $9,700: Ventura gets the K happy Astros tonight who are second in the majors in $trikeouts and, while he won’t go deep into the game, he should pile up the points and grab the W.

SP 2 – Hyun-jin Ryu, $9,100: Ryu is the biggest favorite on the day and faces a Reds lineup that is the wor$t in the league against left-handed pitching.

C – Jose Molina, $1,900: Punt play. Just make sure he’s in the lineup.

1B – Edwin Encarnacion, $5,200: We are going to pick on the Rays $tarter Erik Bedard today. Bedard is a flyball pitcher and, while he’s been good lately, I expect some fireworks at the Rogers Centre tonight. Over the last month, E5 is leading all first baseman in homers (13), RBI (31), and runs (20). 

2B – Danny Valencia, $3,000: We can’t go all Blue Jays so lets grab a Royals bat who has some $peed and is averaging 5+ FPTS in nine of his last 10 games.

3B – Brett Lawrie, $3,600: Lawrie has eight homers on the year, some damn fine tattoos and his Twitter account his “interesting.”

SS – Jose Reyes, $4,900: Reyes has an eight game hitting streak, has a .376 wOBA at home and Bedard is due for a $helling.

OF 1 – Jose Batista, $5,300: Not very American of us to celebrate all these Blue Jays today, but Joey Bats is a bea$t with .444 average against lefties this year.

OF 2 – Melky Cabrera, $4,900: Did I mention we’re stacking the Jays? I’m praying to my Cito Gasten bobblehead that this doesn’t blow up in my face. While Cabrera is hitting just .254 vs. lefties this year, he has cut down on the Ks and three of his eight homers have come off $outhpaws.

OF 3 – Kevin Pillar, $2,200: This may be the only time I ever mention Kevin Pillar. However, the pri$e is right and he’s averaging 5+ FPTS in his last five starts. Ok, it’s a punt play.

Have a great holiday, good luck and remember to always check daily lineups and weather conditions.

Featured Writer: The Guru



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