Rory McIlroy Dumped Caroline Wozniacki Over the Phone


According to the New York Times, golf pro Rory Mcllroy pulled the ultimate of bro moves by dumping fiancee tennis hottie Caroline Wozniacki over the phone.

“McIlroy publicly announced the end of the engagement, which he said he called off because he realized after the wedding invitations had been sent out that he was not yet ready for marriage, on May 21 after breaking the news to her over the phone.”

The Times reports the call “lasted all of three minutes” and Wozniacki “thought it was a joke.”

Listen, breaking up is tough, but calling off a wedding over the phone is damn cold. Caroline probably downed two gallons of Haagen-Dazs after that one. I tip my turban, Rory, you’re one cold blooded beast. Did you ask her for “one for the road” first?


Featured Writer: The Guru



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