David Ortiz/David Price Incident Leads to Twitstorm


Last Friday night’s game between the Boston Red Sox and Tampon Tampa Bay Rays was a heated one.  It ended with two batters being plunked by David Price, the entire Red Sox manager/coaching staff dating all the way back to Jimmy Collins being ejected, and a whole lot of sh*t talking on both sides.  When all was said and done, the bush league actions of Price and the Rays lit a fire under the Sox, and they came back to win another walk-off by a score of 3-2.

aadavidortizBut, it didn’t end there.

In his postgame interview, David Oritz expressed his distaste for Price beaning him with a 90 mph fastball in the back.  Ortiz referred to Price’s actions as “he acted like a little girl…” and “he’s a little bitch…”  Of course, the comments started a twitstorm and baseball writers everywhere jumped on these comments.

None, more so than Keith Law.

Law, a senior baseball writer for ESPN.com and ESPN Scouts, Inc., was also formerly a writer for Baseball Prospectus and worked in the front office for the Toronto Blue Jays. On Saturday, Law took to his tweet machine to bash Ortiz for his comments.  He called Ortiz’s comments “misogynistic” and stated that he was “was bothered by” them.  That’s when yours truly, jumped in and a twitter beat down began.  Hey, no one insults my Red Sox and gets away with it!


Around this point, other Tweeps decided to join the party:


When all was said and done, Law decided he was licked, had nothing else to say, and blocked yours truly! Of all the nerve!  I do have to thank him though.  If it were not for his ridiculous comments and my responses, I would not have garnered 30 new followers out of it.  So, thank you, Mr. Law.  Red Sox Nation is strong.

A few other things were clarified throughout this entire ridiculousness though 1) Although I don’t need Twitter to show how big my balls are, others seem to need it to grow a pair. 2) You DO NOT mess with Red Sox Nation. 3) If you are going to make a vain attempt to be noticed, trashing Big Papi and hiding behind feminism is not the way to go.

Shout out to all my tweeps who joined in the fun – and it was all in good fun, Mr. Law. *bats eye lashes*  Just don’t talk sh*t about my Red Sox (or attempt to speak for us ladies!)

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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