(VIDEO) Check Out NBA Stars Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

As most of you know I’m no fan of the current state of the NBA. The games aren’t exciting until the fourth quarter, too many teams make the playoffs, traveling doesn’t exist, flops, and the slam dunk is the most over-rated play in sports. And don’t get me started on how ESPN is the NBA’s bitch. It was, however, refreshing to see a real team that plays real basketball take the the title. *slow clap for the Spurs*

I don’t think I’m the only athletic supporter that’s frustrated with the NBA as this years ratings can attest. Thanks to the world of Twitter fed up fans have a place to vent directly at this league of tatted up prima donnas. Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s latest version of Mean Tweets – the NBA Edition featuring Amare Stoudemire, Paul George, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and the one and only Dikembe Mutumbo.

Featured Writer: The Guru



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