WTF File: New App Allows You to Send Anonymous Dick Pics to a Doctor for an STD Diagnosis


A new app is now available for you men and your dick pics.  The app, named First Derm, allows you to snap a pic of your ailing Lord Thrusty, answer some questions about symptoms, and then send it anonymously to a doctor for diagnosis.

The app charges $40 for the service, but for many men, this is a small price to pay for actually having to go to a doc’s office and explain the previous goings on with that Tijuana hooker.

Founder Alexander Borve says the app still gets about 70% of submissions “below the waist.”

The company has also expanded the services to include 90 different skin conditions, not associated with the possible consequences of raw-dogging that one night stand.


[Turban tip to @geekology]

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling



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