Rodney Harrison Says Teammate Offered Sex With Girlfriend For Jersey Number


As NFL junkies we’ve all heard the wacky things players will do to get their number when changing teams – offering huge amounts of cash, sports cars, jewelry. But this may be the craziest yet.

During a segment on NBC Sports Pro Football Talk, former All-Pro safety Rodney Harrison shared a story about the lengths a player will go to get his jersey number.

“[A] guy offered another guy $50,000 for his number and the guy said, ‘No way, I need my number.’ It just shows you how superstitious these guys are and how connected they are to their number. But at the same time, then the next thing was probably the craziest thing. Money, people offer that all the time, but the guy said, ‘Hey man, I’ll allow you to sleep with my girlfriend.’ Once he said that, I lost my mind. I said no way can it be that serious. I said, ‘Obviously you don’t love your girlfriend that much.’”

Hmmmm…who could have made such an indecent proposal? I’m putting my money on the former Chad Ochocinco who made some sort of locker room deal with New England Patriots teammate Aaron Hernandez for number “85” a few years back and lived to tell the tale.

Featured Writer: The Guru



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