Stripper Blasts Kansas City Royals For Stiffing Her

Self-proclaimed artmaker, writer (she has a blog) and ass clapper known as the Feminist Stripper (wonder which came first, the bra burning or the pole dancing) did a little dirty dancing for the Kansas City Royals this week and apparently they stiffed her – and not the kind your thinking.


I’m no strip club expert, but I’m pretty sure you should bring more than one Andrew Jackson for the night’s entertainment. Nice work Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura. I tip my turban in your general direction for being the cheapest trashdicks in KC.

I think “trashdick” may be my new favorite expletive. I’m going to make an attempt to work that into conversations whenever possible this week.

Now go have yourself a day, trashdicks.

[Turban tip Deadspin]

Featured Writer: The Guru



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