The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/7


Welcome back, Dirty Turbaners! I hope everybody had an asskicking fourth filled with fireworks, food, alcohol, and whatever else you do. The Lifshitz family and I spent the fourth bracing for two storms. One of the tropical variety and the other a visit from my mother-In-law. She’s a cross between Sybil and Hannibal Lecter and makes Hitler look cuddly. She’s wonderful!!



Besides riding out the storms of Arthur and She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, I’ve also being riding a brutal cold streak. One that’s taken from me money, smiles, and sanity. Well today it’s ending because I’m sacrificing a small farm animal and praying to the baseball gods. How is PETA already outside my window? Anythewho here’s the picks!

All prices based on DraftKings

SP 1 – Mike Minor, $8,000: I’m going sort of cheap on the pitching side today. I’m looking at some mid-grade high upside arms with solid matchups. Choice #1 is Minor against the Mets. The last few turns haven’t been kind to Minor as he’s struggled against Houston and the very Mets he faces tonight. Quite honestly Minor is better than that, and I expect improvements.

SP 2 – Jake Odorizzi, $7,800: “Eggs” has been frustrating this year. Sometimes he’s glorious as the the 10.29 K rate illustrates and other times infuriating. Most of the frustration in regard to Odorizzi stems from his inefficiency. His K’s are immense, but he can struggle to get out of the 5th inning many times, due to running up his pitch counts. Today’s opponent the Royals doesn’t walk much, and though effective, doesn’t put the fear of god in me. I’m thinking 6 IP, 7 K’s, and a W for Jake.

C – Wilson Ramos, $3,900: Catcher is a funny position in DFS. Most times I punt the C spot in my lineup, picking up a player like Caleb Joseph and using the points on bats and pitching. On the rare occasion though I splash the cash and grab a premium option like I have with Ramos today. Chris Tillman stinks and I wouldn’t be all that opposed to a Nationals Stack Attack tonight. I’m exploiting the matchup plain and simple.

1B – Justin Morneau, $4,600: Dr. Morneau will be back in his lab at Coors performing surgery on a Padres pitcher tonight. If there’s two things I like from a fantasy perspective it’s a Rockie hitting at home and drafting hitters facing Padres pitching outside of Petco. I get both with Justin.

2B – Jose Altuve, $4,900: Over the last month not many have been shorter or hotter than Altuve. He’s like baseball’s Malin Akerman! Only I’m far less turned on by Altuve. Anyway, he gets a great matchup tonight against Miles Mikolas, whoever that is. He sounds like a Greek Jazz musician but not a good pitcher.

3B – Todd Frazier, $4,500: Frazier faces Edwin Jackson tonight. I like starting hitters against Edwin Jackson. I’m a simple man really

SS – Mookie Betts, $3,200: The last time I suggested Mookie was in my Wednesday picks and he rewarded my good faith with his first big league homer. I’m still waiting on his first big league steal. It’s coming one of these days and I think sooner rather than later.

OF 1 – Corey Dickerson, $4,400: I love my outfield today starting with Dickerson. At home against righties Corey has a .552 wOBA, a .446 BA, 5 homers, 17 RBI’s, and 5 steals. How could I not want some of that?

OF 2 – George Springer, $4,300: He faces that Greek dude we talked about before. I already forgot his name but I know he’s a righty. Springer kills righties so I’m rolling with George. I’m not opposed to an Astros stack I just don’t trust anyone in their lineup outside of Altuve and Springer. Maybe you do, and if that’s the case stack away.

OF 3 – Bryce Harper, $4,300: Harper is yet to go nuts since coming back from the DL. He’s now a week in and faces Chris Tillman. I’m thinking big things for Bryce tonight. The Nationals are another very stackable lineup tonight.
As always make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz



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