Derek Jeter Wants You To Buy His Underwear


Soon-to-be retired New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter is already making plans for his post-baseball career and he’s not giving up balls entirely. Jeet’s is going to be an underwear salesman.

Jeter is part owner of FrigoRevolution Wear, a company that designs and sells high-tech men’s underwear for $100 a pop. A $100 for a pair of drawers?! These better be doing something to my cajones that rival what Soon Lee does down at the rub ‘n’ tug in Chinatown.

According to the companies website, “Unlike other garments that keep things in place by compressing your package inward, Frigo provides support from behind so you won’t feel constricted.”

I’ve fired off an email to the fine folks at Frigo in an effort to get a pair of these Tempur-Pedic banana hammocks and if I get a pair I’ll post the review on the state of my junk in the coming weeks.

Featured Writer: The Guru





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