Morning Wood: Erin Andrews Called ‘Gutless B*tch’ by Radio Host, Named Fox Sports Top Sideline Reporter


Erin Andrews has been taking some heat for her All-Star Game interview with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright who allegedly grooved a pitch to Derek Jeter. WEEI Boston radio host Kirk Minihane even went as far to call Andrews a “gutless b*tch.”

Wonder if he has a job this morning? Expect an insincere apology in 3…2…1.

Now we all know calling Andrews the b word is kind of harsh. It’s not like Fox has Ms. Andrews around for her “journalistic integrity.” You’re not fooling anyone here Fox, we all know it’s her other “assets” you’re really interested in.


Fox announced this week that Andrews has been named their top sideline wag. The 36-year-old “reporter” will be replacing 53-year-old vet Pam Oliver for the upcoming NFL season.


Go ahead and say anything you want, Erin, just stay away from Richard Sherman.

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