Texas Rangers Bullpen Plays ‘Fart Bottle Roulette’


The life of a Major League ballplayer can get boring at times. There’s only so much sunflower seed spitting and ball scratching one man can do while waiting for something to actually happen. Sometimes you just have to make your own fun.

Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland told a Dallas radio station about an interesting game they play in the bullpen to pass the time – fart bottle roulette.

“Fart Bottle Roulette is when you get a bunch of little water bottles, fart into one of them, put them in a bag, shuffle it, and than watch everybody’s reaction. Everybody opens a bottle one by one and it’s the most nerve-wracking thing every because you really don’t want that bottle.”


This is just shocking! Who knew that baseball players would be engaged in flatulent related pursuits while an actual game was going on? We would have thought they were discussing the socio-economic impact of cataclysmic climate change on the coast of Cameroon.

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