Is Gisele Cuckholding Tom Brady?


According to the recent issue of Star Magazine (ok, I read it in the checkout line), uber-model Gisele Bundchen rules the roost like some sort of long-legged Lenin when it comes to running the Brady casa and ol’ Tommy boy is “fed up.”

Here’s what the Star sources say:

“Gisele is supercontrolling with Tom and has final say on everything from how their home is decorated to exactly how and where their children are raised. Gisele has enforced a strict chore schedule that [Tom] must stick to. They have housekeepers, but Gisele won’t let them do anything. She makes Tom get up at 6 am with the kids and then has him scrub the toilets and clean the floors while she sleeps in. She thinks that because she gave birth, her work is done… She throws an insane temper tantrum when things don’t go her way. One time, Tom didn’t do one of the chores on his list, and she berated him – even telling him that he’s a terrible role model for their children. But instead of doing what she wanted, he just took the kids and left the house. Gisele was shocked.”

I know we’re talking about a supermarket rag here, but, while their sources may not be Woodward and Bernstein, more often than not these tabloids get their stuff right. If they didn’t they’d be up to their asses in lawsuits. Think a ballbuster like Super G would let this fly if there wasn’t some truth in it? She doesn’t seem to even care. Gisele celebrated her 34th birthday over the weekend with no Tommy boy in sight (Patriots training camp opens this week) and that beach ain’t Revere I’ll bet.

Finally on vacation! 😎🌴☀️Finalmente de férias!

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