The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/22


As any DFS player knows, the daily grind of fantasy sports can be downright One Few Over the Cuckoo Nest-kind of maddening. When you hit a cold spell that drains your bankroll and has you questioning all that is sacred you may start to think fantasy cricket may be for you. Your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru hit one of those cold streaks before the break that approached Game of Thrones-winter-is-coming-sized proportions. (Cuckoos Nest and GOT references in the first paragraph?!)


However, the tide has turned as the season kicks off it’s unofficial second half. Last night I cashed in all seven contests I entered and doubled the bankroll.  Believe me, I needed it! The cold streak had dwindled the winter in Cancun fund to something that looked more like a winter in Detroit. Let’s keep the hot streak rolling tonight.

Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Tuesday 7/22. Good luck, cheers. Want to play with the Dirty Turban degenerates tonight? Just hit this link.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – Mike Minor, $7,700: Minor hasn’t been so good lately – just check that 4.86 ERA. He also hasn’t been very lucky  – an xFIP of 3.61 suggests he’s a lot better than that. Minor will begin a $econd half bounce back on the road against the Marlins tonight.

SP 2 – Erasmo Ramirez, $5,800: We’re looking to $ave on the pitching tonight. Sure Adam Wainwright and Scott Kazmir are nice plays if you want to pay up (and we’ll have another team with those two), but we have some big bats to stack tonight. Let’s roll the dice on Erasmo who has all the talent and a great matchup against the K happy Mets.

C – Cameron Rupp, $2,300: Punt play alert, but Rupp is averaging 7 FPTS over his last seven $tarts. Want to pay up? Look to Brian McCann or Wilson Ramos.

1B – Jose Abreu, $5,200: The Cuban Crusher leads the league with 29 homers, but has yet to send one deep in the $econd half. That changes tonight. Abreu is your Guru’s Dong of the Night. Miguel Cabrera is a pricier option and, if you’re looking to save a buck, take a look at Mike Napoli in Toronto.

2B – Anthony Rendon, $4,800: Here it comes, the first piece of our Nats $tack attack in Colorado against a no-name Rockies starter with an ERA over 7. It paid off last night, let’s double down. Robinson Cano is also in play and a nice punt could be Brian Roberts of the Yankees.

3B – Ryan Zimmerman, $5,100: Love all the Nationals righty bats tonight. Can Bryce Harper bat right-handed? Zimmy is averaging 9+ FPT$ over his last 10 games. For a cheaper option look to Kyle Seager in Seattle.

SS – Ian Desmond, $4,600: Des dropped 32 FPTS on our fake teams last night as he went 5-for-5 with a homer, 3 runs and 2 RBI. Give us half that tonight and we’ll be in the $$$. Want a punt play? How about Derek Jeter. The sharks in Vegas have the Yanks scoring 5 runs tonight.

OF 1 – Jayson Werth, $5,300: Jay$on is the final piece of our pricey Nats stack. However, I’m happy to pay up for double dong potential – that sounds like the worst CraigsList ad ever.

OF 2 – Jacoby Ellsbury, $4,700: Think the Yanks make for a $neaky $tack tonight as Vegas has them scoring a bunch. If Vegas is right, Ells will be in the middle of the fun as he’s averaged nearly 20 FPTS over his last 4 games.

OF 3 – Brett Gardner, $4,400: Gardner should be leading off tonight and has that speed/power combo that makes $bank$. Other outfielders worth targeting tonight include the two boppers in Baltimore – Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones.
Make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and buy me a Margarita with your winnings.

Featured Writer: The Guru



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