(PHOTOS) Morning Wood : Throwback Thursday – Wonder Woman


We admit it, we got a thang for the older ladies. Hey, don’t judge. You still watch Baywatch vids with a box of tissues nearby. Today’s Throwback Thursday twinkie is more GILF than MILF, but she was also our first crush – Wonder Woman.


Lynda Carter turns -YIKES! – 62 today, but back in the 70’s she was top 5 smokeshow and made this once 7-year-old’s Toughskins get a little tight.

Lynda_CarterThere were many a Lynda Carter poster adorning teenage boy’s badly paneled bedrooms back in the 70’s.


We even sneaked a peek at lovely Lynda in Dad’s Playboy. Porn was a lot harder in the 70’s, kids!


The new Wonder Woman, Fast and Furious actress Gal Gardot, will appear in the new Batman v Superman flick.


And while Gardot is hot, nothing beats the original.


Even at 62, you have to admit, she’s still a wonder.


Featured Writer: The Guru


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