Steelers Player Being Sued for Giving Woman Herpes, It’s Not Ben Rothlisberger


Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle Cam Thomas is being sued by a San Diego woman who says the burly lineman allegedly gave her the herpes and tried to hide it from her by saying the sores on his Thomas were caused by a zipper malfunction .

TMZ Sports has all the dirt:

 The woman named “Adrienne” says she started dating Thomas in 2010 and often had unprotected sex. Adrienne claims she noticed “puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh” and asked about them — but he explained they were the result of sweat buildup caused by his football gear. In the docs, Adrienne says she also noticed “bruises and sores” on his penis back in March 2010 — but again, he had an explanation … telling her “the sores on [the] penis came from getting it stuck in a zipper.” Adrienne claims she was tested for STDs in December 2010 but the results showed she was clean. It wasn’t until February 2012 that she tested positive for genital herpes … and she claims Thomas is the only person who could’ve passed along the disease.

I’m not going to judge here, but why is this chick waiting two years to lay this lawsuit down? Seems as suspicious as the zipper excuse. Can we just blame the toilet seat and get this girl some Valtrex?

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