Dirty South: What Do You Mean Hookers Aren’t a Business Expense?


As a savvy business woman, this single, yet glamorously beautiful southern gal has had to fill out her fair share of expense reports.  Some places are pretty open with what they allow you to claim, while others are just downright stingy.  One thing that is universally frowned upon is attempting to use company checks to “rent” a lady for a little boot knockin’, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.

Charles-West-arrested-jpgThe Setting:  Slidell, Louisiana.  24-year-old Charles West, an employee at a local suburban health food store, showed some exceptional judgment and business sense when he used a $200 company check to pay for a hooker he set up a “business” meeting with in the back room of the store.

What Chuckie neglected to pay attention to was the surveillance cameras throughout the store.  Yep, you guessed it…busted.  The store’s manager discovered that the check was missing and then saw the debauchery in its entirety when the video footage was reviewed.

33a273beba9ac9f913681ebff69d4c8eWest was arrested on charges of theft, forgery, and soliciting a prostitute as it seems he had the common sense to at least forge the manager’s name on the check.  He remains in the custody of the good people of the New Orleans Jail.

The self-employed business woman who’s services West commissioned has not been arrested, but police plan to, once she is identified.

We here in the dirty south raise a Mint Julep to you, Charles.  Once you are a free man you can always look forward to using your unemployment checks to pay for your dirty, dirty sexy time.  I am pretty sure THAT is legal…well, maybe not in Alabama.

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling


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