The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/30


Happy Hump Day, Dirty Turbanites. After a long and glorious hot streak, my winning ways came to an end last night as I finished out of the money for the first time in over a week. No need to shed internet tears for me, loyal readers. Remember, not only am I well-spoken and incredibly talented, but I’m also stunningly handsome.

ugly MLB decided to split the schedule again today so we have 6 games in the afternoon and 9 games on the PM schedule. Shockingly, I have a job and need to work during the day so I’m focusing on the night slate.

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SP 1 – Zack Greinke, $10,600: Over the last few weeks I’ve switched my strategy and begun to pay up for pitching. Tonight, I’m buying Greinke, I love the matchup against the whiff happy Braves andI have a feeling he could hit double digit K’s and out score the more expensive King Felix

SP 2 – Corey Kluber, $9,400: There aren’t many pitchers I own more shares of in fantasy leagues this year than Kluber. He’s also been a great play on dailies for most of the year. The matchup against a mediocre Mariners lineup tonight has me buying Corey K’s.

C – Caleb Joseph, $2,000: Punt Alert! Everyone’s favorite punt play gave way to Nick Hundley yesterday. This means he’s (more than likely) in the lineup tonight. At a cost of $2,000 he’s a great way to open up some cash for the big bats. CJ is like the Dollar menu of DFS – always tasty, but mostly causes extreme flatulence.

1B – David Ortiz, $5,400: Ortiz has been one of the few bright spots in the Sox lineup this year as he’s continued to hit regardless of the mediocrity around him. Over the last week, Papi has been hot, hitting 5 homers over the last 9 games. Tonight’s matchup vs Mark Buehrle looks tasty from a BvP standpoint. Ortiz is 25/79 with 4 homers and 14 RBI’s lifetime off the lefty. That’s a huge sample size and Ortiz is in the groove. Sign me up! Dong of the night.

2B – Yangervis Solarte, $3,400: Solarte is a great example of how quickly life can change. Back in April and May he was a .300 hitter in the Yankees lineup and now he plays for the Padres. What a ride! His 2014 season is like the baseball equivalent of Antoine Walker’s life!

3B – Brock Holt, $4,000: Am I building a Red Sox stack? I just might be. Not much data with this pick, but I like Holt and at $4,000 he’s one of my favorite players at the hot corner today. Doesn’t that sound like Gentleman’s Club? The Hot Corner, home of $150 hand jobs!

SS – Andrew Romine, $2,600: Suarez was pulled from last night’s game, so I’m expecting Romine to get the starting nod tonight for the Tigers. I’m hoping Andy Lettuce brings some green to my team. Oh and some vitamin A! Vitamin A is important guys!

OF 1 – Jose Bautista, $5,600: This pick was originally based on Joey Bats career BvP against Jon Lester. Due to the Red Sox desire to be the Tampa Bay Rays, they have decided to scratch Lester from his start, signaling a trade is on the horizon. I could go on all day about the stupidity of this move but I won’t. Instead, I’ll focus on Joey Bats and his current hot streak. In his last 7 games, Jose has scored in double digits 5 times. Over that span his lowest scoring game is 7. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t put one in the seats tonight.

OF 2 – David Murphy, $3,600: His numbers vs. Felix Hernandez are a total anomaly. He’s 24/78 with 3 homers and 16 RBI’s. That’s just crazy and it’s a pretty substantial sample size to draw from too. I’ll give Murphy a go and see if he can capture some of that magic again tonight.

OF 3 – Jonny Gomes, $3,200: Jonny Gomes loves a few things: Himself first and foremost, America, and hitting lefties. The man is to hitting lefties what Rajai Davis is to SAGNOF. He just crushes lefty pitching and his BvP lifetime against Buehrle is right in line with that train of thought – 11/33 with 4 walks tells me there’s a good chance for a profit tonight.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz



Fantasy Junkies: The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/8


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. We had two games postponed yesterday due to rain, so I wasn’t active in DFS other than playing my buddies head-to-head.

That changes today.

It is a big day over at as they have the $400,000 walk-off competition with first place taking home $100,000. I haven’t decided if I want to $plurge and enter ($200 entry fee), but I most likely I’m going for it.

Today I am going to focus strictly on the 7 pm ET card, which has 10 games available.

Here are the plays for Tuesday 4/8.

Auction values based on Draftkings salaries

SP 1 – Mark Buehrle $7600 – This is a pure value play. Buehrle looked electric against the Rays last week and lets face it, the A$$tros are not exactly Murderers Row.

SP 2- Gio Gonzalez $9900 – Gio has a 4-2 record against his home town team, averaging over a strike out per inning with a 1.76 ERA. While there are a lot of $exy options at pitcher today I am going with GG.

C – Yadier Molina $3600 – I’m surprised he’s priced this low, even against Homer Bailey, who he’s had pretty good success against. Yadier is a great hitter and hits right in the middle of a deep $TL lineup. I’ll take him at this price all day, every day.

1B – Edwin Encarnacion $4600 – A little more than I would like to $pend on a guy who is batting less than he weighs, but this is a good matchup for E5.

2B –  Kolten Wong $3600 – This is an absolute “Hail Mary” , but I like this play a lot. Kolten is a good contact hitter, with speed and in a good lineup. Another option was Matt Carpenter who absolutely murders Homer Bailey, but he’s too expen$ive for me.

3B – Pedro Alvarez $3900 – Edwin Jackson is the pitcher Pedro faces today and while he looked very good his last outing, Jackson is a very inconsistent pitcher. Lets hope his terrible evil twin shows up tonight and Pedro take$ him deep.

SS – Alexei Ramirez $3700 – Alexei has been good to me this season and I’ll keep to$$ing him out there against weaker pitchers, especially in Colorado.

OF 1 – Jose Bautista $5000 – Joey Bats already has three dingers the season, and he’s up against an Astros lefty. Our lineup is starting to look like a Blue Jays $tack.

OF 2 – Bryce Harper $4600 – Bryce Harper is due for $ome $lump bu$ting. No better place to start than against Henderson Alvarez.

OF 3 – Matt Kemp $3300 – We only had $3500, was looking for value and look who we found, – a former fantasy darling who just hit two homers in his last game. This might be the cheapest we see Kemp for the rest of the $eason (if he stays healthy).

Final thoughts:

There is a lot of value at pitcher today, it just depends how big of a gambler you are. Yordano Ventura ($6700), Tyson Ross ($7100) and Corey Kluber ($7300) all look like good plays, so don’t be scared to put them in to your lineup.

Good luck to all and I will let you know tomorrow if I entered the $400,000 walk-off. Hopefully I’m $100,000 richer.

Contributing Writer: El Oso Blanco


Fantasy Junkies: The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/7


Well, Sunday was a tough day. I lo$t my 50/50 contest by 0.20 of a point. Alex Cobb was a great pick even though he didn’t get the W. Luckily, Justin Masterson was highly drafted across most teams so it didn’t affect us that badly. However, we probably would have cashed if it weren’t for his implosion. Another great value pick was Alexei Ramirez as he scored us 14 points. I hope he wins his next marathon. With that being said, off to Monday’s card we go. It’s a small card, only 5 games on schedule, so lets make the be$t out of the games we are dealt.

Here are the plays for Monday 4/7.

Auction values based on Draftkings salaries

SP 1 – Scott Kazmir $9000 – I know we played the Twins yesterday with Masterson, and Kazmir isn’t as talented as Masterson (anymore), but the Twins need to cool off eventually…. Right?

SP 2 – Corey Kluber $7300 – He is my late card pitcher of choice. Kluber had a terrible outing last time around, but he should bounce back against the Padres – they can’t hit for sh*t and he has high K potential which is very crucial in daily fantasy.

C – Sal Perez $3900 – Playing against lefty Matt Moore at home, I think he should do well and he’s averaging 12FPPG (small sample I know).

1B – Brandon Moss $3500 – Good matchup for Moss against Correia. You can slide him into the OF if you like, he bats clean up against righties and he should get his opportunitie$.

2B – Ben Zobrist  $4300 – Career .400 batting average versus Jason Vargas. I like looking into career matchups between hitters and pitchers – that and the 2B options today are pretty weak.

3B – Trevor Plouffe $3100 – Plouffe has been swinging a decent bat so far this season. He was a sleeper pick last year that didn’t live up to the hype, so this year we will call him a post hype sleeper, ya sure.

OF 1 – Shin-Soo Choo $4700 – People with lisps hate him, and so does John Lackey. Now say his name three times fast.

OF 2 – Nick Markakis $3900 – Yeah this pick might be getting cute with the lineup, but he’s been excellent against Tanaka SR. Take the ri$k on The Friendly Greek.

OF 3 – Coco Crisp $4100 – Leading off for a very good offensive team is also great. You know what also is great? Being named Coco Crisp.

Ending words, by now you must realize that all the picks I give out aren’t a complete roster (minus yesterdays), these are all what I consider value picks and you can plug them in to your lineup whichever way you please. Good luck!

Contributing Writer: El Oso Blanco