The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 8/1


The trade deadline is like crack for seam-heads like me. It’s a non-stop information orgy up until the 4pm deadline. With players moving all over the league, contenders staking their claim in this year’s playoff race and sellers building up and hording assets for the future. Yesterday’s deadline was one of the best I could remember with names like Jon Lester, David Price, Yoenis Cespedes, John Lackey, Allen Craig, and Austin Jackson finding new teams. Several of the moves had an effect on player values in our daily fantasy world going forward. With playing time opening up for some players and opportunities closing for others, it will be weeks before all this truly shakes out. With that said, we have a full slate of games to build our team from tonight, a lot of new options to mull over and money to burn.


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SP 1 – Chris Sale, $12,600: Chris Sale is like water in the desert, I need him in my life to survive. He gets the Twinkies today in Chicago. Sale’s career vs. the Twins are impressive: 6-1 with a 2.08 ERA , .94 WHIP, and 61 K’s in 56 IP. The Twins are 20th in wOBA vs. LHP and have the second worst K% at 23.2% on the road. This should all set up for a big point total from Sale.

SP 2 – Doug Fister, $7,800: One of the better buys on the pitching roster tonight is Fister. The Phillies and their road wOBA of .299 roll into the Capital tonight, and I like Fister’s high floor. I’m expecting a serious crotch punch to a putrid Phillies lineup, you know cause he’s a Fister. It also doesn’t hurt that in two career starts against Philadelphia Dougie Fist is 2-0 with 1.20 ERA and .53 WHIP.

C – Stephen Vogt, $3,800: The A’s get Jeremy “Go Deep” Guthrie tonight as the Royals kick off a three game set in Oak-town. Guthrie currently ranks 7th in HR/9 as he’s allowed an average of 1.30. So the A’s are certainly a very stackable option in GPP’s tonight. I like Vogt to bear some fruit in a home matchup against the righty Guthrie. Vogt slash line at home against righties is .352/.379/.500 and is on the right side of the platoon.

1B – Brandon Moss, $4,900: Moss is a funny player in terms of splits as he hits for power against righties and is a better contact hitter against lefties. 19 of his 23 homers have come off RHP but his average against righties is .255. His home road power splits are pretty even with 11 dongs coming at home (eww) and a dozen on the road. Where I’m going with all this is he gets Guthrie at home. Guthrie is righty who gives up homers in bunches. Moss hits homers off righties. Needless to say Moss is my DONG OF THE NIGHT!

2B – Kolten Wong, $3,900: Over the last 30 days, Wong has been a top 5 2B in our game. His wOBA over that time is .381 which is top 30 in MLB over that time. He also brings a nice speed/power tool set to the table that’s always dangerous on DraftKings. He faces Wily Peralta tonight who’s been a mess in July surrendering 5 homers in 30 innings and 4.80 ERA. Priced in the sub-$4k range has me buying some Wong. That sounded Wong! Pun points!

3B – Yangervis Solarte, $3,400: In 9 games since joining the Padres, Solarte has rediscovered his early season from. Thus far he’s hitting .324 with 2 homers, 8 RBI’s, and 8 runs in his San Diego career. He’s a cheap option at third tonight and faces the always hittable Mike Minor.

SS – Jose Ramirez, $2,500: Punt Play Alert! With Asdrubal Cabrera moving to Washington it opens up playing time for Ramirez. He’s a solid contact/speed guy at a weak position, so he could be one of the biggest benefactors from yesterday’s trade deadline. That’s as long as Cleveland keeps Francisco Lindor in Columbus.

OF 1 – Chris Coghlan, $4,000: Not many players have been hotter than Coghlan coming out of July. The Northside’s CC was the 4th best hitter according to wOBA last month, and faces Dan Haren this evening at Dodger Stadium. Haren’s ERA in July was 9.47. Seriously he had more earned runs allowed (20) than innings (19) last month. Cubs stack attack? Maybe….

OF 2 – Oscar Taveras, $3,500: With Allen Craig heading out of town Tavares is in place for immediate playing time, and took advantage of it right away by homering last night. Tavares faces Wily Peralta tonight and if you don’t know my thoughts on him you didn’t read my blurb on Kolten Wong. I mean what’s Wong with you, you skip my blurbs?

OF 3- David Peralta, $3,500: I can’t tell you why I love David Peralta but he always seems to end up in my lineups. Maybe it’s the .300 average and the sub $4K price, maybe it’s his eyes, I don’t know. More than likely it’s the fact that he rakes against righties at home (.338 BA, 2 hr’s, 11 rbi’s, .402 wOBA). He gets a righty tonight in Edinson Volquez that’s known to have some serious diarrhea starts.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/30


Happy Hump Day, Dirty Turbanites. After a long and glorious hot streak, my winning ways came to an end last night as I finished out of the money for the first time in over a week. No need to shed internet tears for me, loyal readers. Remember, not only am I well-spoken and incredibly talented, but I’m also stunningly handsome.

ugly MLB decided to split the schedule again today so we have 6 games in the afternoon and 9 games on the PM schedule. Shockingly, I have a job and need to work during the day so I’m focusing on the night slate.

Want to play with the Dirty Turban crew on DraftKings tonight? Click this link. Here’s the Legendary (& Handsome) Lifshitz team tonight on DraftKings

SP 1 – Zack Greinke, $10,600: Over the last few weeks I’ve switched my strategy and begun to pay up for pitching. Tonight, I’m buying Greinke, I love the matchup against the whiff happy Braves andI have a feeling he could hit double digit K’s and out score the more expensive King Felix

SP 2 – Corey Kluber, $9,400: There aren’t many pitchers I own more shares of in fantasy leagues this year than Kluber. He’s also been a great play on dailies for most of the year. The matchup against a mediocre Mariners lineup tonight has me buying Corey K’s.

C – Caleb Joseph, $2,000: Punt Alert! Everyone’s favorite punt play gave way to Nick Hundley yesterday. This means he’s (more than likely) in the lineup tonight. At a cost of $2,000 he’s a great way to open up some cash for the big bats. CJ is like the Dollar menu of DFS – always tasty, but mostly causes extreme flatulence.

1B – David Ortiz, $5,400: Ortiz has been one of the few bright spots in the Sox lineup this year as he’s continued to hit regardless of the mediocrity around him. Over the last week, Papi has been hot, hitting 5 homers over the last 9 games. Tonight’s matchup vs Mark Buehrle looks tasty from a BvP standpoint. Ortiz is 25/79 with 4 homers and 14 RBI’s lifetime off the lefty. That’s a huge sample size and Ortiz is in the groove. Sign me up! Dong of the night.

2B – Yangervis Solarte, $3,400: Solarte is a great example of how quickly life can change. Back in April and May he was a .300 hitter in the Yankees lineup and now he plays for the Padres. What a ride! His 2014 season is like the baseball equivalent of Antoine Walker’s life!

3B – Brock Holt, $4,000: Am I building a Red Sox stack? I just might be. Not much data with this pick, but I like Holt and at $4,000 he’s one of my favorite players at the hot corner today. Doesn’t that sound like Gentleman’s Club? The Hot Corner, home of $150 hand jobs!

SS – Andrew Romine, $2,600: Suarez was pulled from last night’s game, so I’m expecting Romine to get the starting nod tonight for the Tigers. I’m hoping Andy Lettuce brings some green to my team. Oh and some vitamin A! Vitamin A is important guys!

OF 1 – Jose Bautista, $5,600: This pick was originally based on Joey Bats career BvP against Jon Lester. Due to the Red Sox desire to be the Tampa Bay Rays, they have decided to scratch Lester from his start, signaling a trade is on the horizon. I could go on all day about the stupidity of this move but I won’t. Instead, I’ll focus on Joey Bats and his current hot streak. In his last 7 games, Jose has scored in double digits 5 times. Over that span his lowest scoring game is 7. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t put one in the seats tonight.

OF 2 – David Murphy, $3,600: His numbers vs. Felix Hernandez are a total anomaly. He’s 24/78 with 3 homers and 16 RBI’s. That’s just crazy and it’s a pretty substantial sample size to draw from too. I’ll give Murphy a go and see if he can capture some of that magic again tonight.

OF 3 – Jonny Gomes, $3,200: Jonny Gomes loves a few things: Himself first and foremost, America, and hitting lefties. The man is to hitting lefties what Rajai Davis is to SAGNOF. He just crushes lefty pitching and his BvP lifetime against Buehrle is right in line with that train of thought – 11/33 with 4 walks tells me there’s a good chance for a profit tonight.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/29


I don’t mean to just go on and on about my fake teams – that’s about as interesting as your girlfriend trying to tell you about The Bachelorette finale. However, your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru has had an up and down month. A terrible cold streak turned into a heater only to just break even on the month thus far. Let’s look to wrap up July with a win as I’m sick of just throwing money away.


Want to play with the Dirty Turban crew on DraftKings tonight? Click this link. Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Tuesday 7/29. Good luck, cheers.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – James Shields, $8,400: Big Game James burned us a couple weeks ago, but the price is right for a starter with a 2.03 ERA and 28 Ks in his last four starts.

SP 2 – Trevor Bauer, $6,500: This is a roll of the dice and I can’t blame anyone that wants to pay up for Stephen Strasburg or Cole Hamels, but to fit in the big bats we want you have to find a way to save. Bauer seems a good cheap buy as he’s averaged 22 FPTS over his last four starts and has been very good at home with 48 Ks in 44 innings this season.

C – Stephen Vogt, $3,800: Vogt’s price is creeping up, but he’s still worth it. Vogt has 14 hits and six RBI over his last 10 games and a .415 wOBA against right-handed pitching.

1B – Brandon Moss, $5,100: Our A’s stack fell a little short last night so let’s double down on the team that leads the league in runs scored and RBI. 19 of Moss’ 23 homers have come against right-handed pitching this year and he’s your Guru’s Dong of the Night.

2B – Ryan Goins, $2,400: Goins had himself a night in Boston Monday with four hits, four RBI and 24 FPTS. Give us half that against the Sox struggling rookie Rubby De La Rosa and it’s a successful punt.

3B – Josh Donaldson, $5,100: Another piece of the swingin’ A’s stack attack. Dongaldson has hits in nine of his last 10 games and double digit FPTS in six of his last 10. The sharks in Vegas have the A’s as the biggest favorite on the board and scoring 5+ runs.

SS – Ramon Santiago, $2,500: Punt play alert, just make sure he’s in the lineup. Ramon does have FPTS in eight of his last 10 starts.

OF 1 – Jose Bautista, $5,700: Joey Bats has averaged 20+ FPTS over his last six games and faces a struggling Sox staff at Fenway Park where he’s hit 18 homers in 42 games .

OF 2 – Yoenis Cespedes, $5,400: The final piece of our A’s double down stack. Yoenis has 12 hits over his last nine games with three homers and 10 RBI.

OF 3 – Melky Cabrera, $4,900: The Melk Man went double dong last night with one bomb smashing through the windshield of a Sox fan’s SUV across the street from Fenway. Cabrera has been hot with 18 hits and 15 RBI over his last 10 games and the Fenway Faithful may want to just take the T.
Make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and buy me a Mojito with your winnings.

Featured Writer: The Guru



The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/28


Happy Monday,  faithful Dirty Turbanites. Another weekend in the books and yours truly is in the middle of a glorious hot streak. I cashed in 2/3rds of the contests I entered this weekend, including a nice top 25 finish in Saturday’s Moonshot. My bankroll is growing and I’m hoping to ride this wave of success all the way to the bank again tonight. I could sit here and be humble and say that I’ve been lucky, but who has time for modesty? I have the Midas Touch and I’m going to ride this momentum until the wheels fall off.


Want to play with the Dirty Turban crew? Click this link. Here’s the Legendary Lifshitz Squad for today’s DraftKings contests.

SP 1 – Yu Darvish, $11,400: I don’t love any of the pitching options for tonight’s games, but there are a few I like. Darvish vs. the Yankees at home being the best of the bunch. Yu has looked marvelous in Arlington this year dropping a 2.49 ERA, 11.08 K/9, and a 2.35 BB/9. Sure the Yankees have been better of late and Darvish hasn’t been in his best form the last month or so, but he’s still the best bet for a high K number and 6+ innings on today’s board.

SP 2 – Jesse Chavez, $8,000: Chavez gets Houston today as he faces the Astros in back to back starts for the second time this year. In his previous 3 starts against them Chavez is 2-0 with a 3.78 ERA, a 1.38 WHIP, and a K/9 of 9.72. The Astros have the highest K% in baseball this season at 23.6%, and they’ve actually been striking out more the last month whiffing at a 24.5% rate. They also have the 5th lowest wOBA against right-handed pitching, hitting an abysmal .296. All of this should setup well for Chavez, I’m going to predict 9 K’s today and 7 innings of quality work. I’m anticipating a point total in the 20’s from Chavez.

C – Travis d’Arnaud, $2,600: I like d’Arnaud tonight for a couple of reasons mostly based around his cost. His price is under $3,000, he has some pop, and is getting the lion’s share of the playing time behind the dish for the Mets. He faces AJ Burnett today at home and is 1/3 with an RBI against him lifetime. So not a lot of data to draw from. When it comes down to it this a punt play with some upside, which is how I like my catchers.

1B – Paul Goldschmidt, $5,700: It’s not like you ever need to justify fitting Goldy into your lineup, but today sets up very nicely. He faces Homer Bailey for the first time of his career as the D-Backs travel to Great American Ballpark. Bailey is one of the most generous arms in the league when it comes to serving up dongs. EWWW. Any the who, true to his name Bailey is averaging 1.16 homers per 9. So I like Goldy’s chances of going deep. Did someone say Dong of The Night? I just did? Yes I did.

2B – Jordany Valdespin, $3,100: Punt play alert! Jordany has come up huge for me the last two days as a cheap option at 2B/OF. He put up 16 points on Saturday and 12 yesterday, so I’m riding the hot hand until it burns me. Yes this is the same philosophy that got me crabs. Not to worry readers they make a shampoo for it!

3B – Anthony Rendon, $4,500: This is a bit of a gut pick. I like Rendon and he’s been one of the most consistent performers at third base all year. Having put up double digit points in 3 of his last 5 games, I’m seeing the potential against Eovaldi tonight. Between Eovaldi’s July ERA of 6.38 and his home ERA of 4.85 I’m thinking the punishment should continue.

SS – Josh Rutledge, $4,300: Rutledge has been a man possessed since Tulo hit the DL. Scoring in double digits for 4 straight games leading up to last night’s goose egg. He gets Tsuyoshi Wada in Coors tonight, and I think he could be in for a big one. He hasn’t crushed lefties at home thus far, but his .263 average against them at Coors tells me he’s not baffled by him either. Buy the hot bat!

OF 1 – Kevin Kiermaier, $3,900: The Rays get righty Kyle Loshe at home tonight, and there is no one in the Rays lineup who hits righties better than Kiermaier. His .409 average, 3 homers, and wOBA of .488 tell that story. K2 is a great play whenever a righty faces the Rays.

OF 2 – David Peralta, $3,500: Peralta is a .338 hitter against righties and he gets Homer Bailey at Great American tonight. As I mentioned in my Goldy blurb Homer is staying true to his name this year and giving up dongs like a reformed porn star. I like the matchup, I like the hitting environment, and I like the price. I don’t like jelly donuts though. I can’t help it, I just don’t trust things filled with jelly. Sorry Billy Butler!

OF 3 – Jim Adduci, $2,700: Adduci is this week’s diamond in the rough. With a price tag under $3,000 clams and an everyday starting gig what’s not to like? I have a feeling I’m going to be using Adduci as a way to get premier pitchers and hitters into my lineup all week. With efforts of 9 and 15 points on Friday and Saturday the man has shown he’s worth a flier.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/25


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. Well, at least for us baseball fans. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching, the division and wild card races are heating up, and over the next few weeks a bounty of prospects should make their way to the bigs. It’s a fun time to be a baseball fan. The only thing that can make all this baseball any better is winning on DraftKings. Over the last couple of days I’ve started to kick things back into gear and gotten my bankroll going in the right direction. I know, it seems like every day you read a statement like this from The Guru or me. But it’s true! We really are everyday players of DFS that live and die by our wins. Thankfully we both cashed in a few contests last night. In fact The Guru just edged me in the Razzball 20 teamer.


If you’re interested in playing with the Dirty Turban crew click here to join a 50/50 put on by yours truly.

Here’s The Legendary Lifshitz DraftKings lineup for the night:

SP 1 – Wade Miley, $8,600: Miley has continued to keep his owners twerking to the bank the last couple of months. Since June 1, the Diamondback lefty hasn’t lost a game throwing up a 73:14 K: BB. Over his four July starts, Miley has been an ace sporting an ERA of 1.88, a K/9 of 9.10, and a BB/9 of 1.57. He gets the Phillies today who are a complete mess.

SP 2 – Alex Wood, $7,700: Let me mention that while I’m suggesting two cheaper options today, I would have no issue if you decided to spend a little more to get King Felix, Lester, or Price into your lineup. All three are consistent performers with little risk. With that said you have to love the matchup for Wood. He gets the Padres at Turner Field tonight in what should be another step in what I’m thinking could be a big second half for the lefty. I’d expect a top 5 night from Wood as he faces off against the worst offense in the majors.

C – Evan Gattis, $4,000: I professed my love for Gattis on Wednesday and he of course got the night off. I’m thinking he’ll be in the lineup tonight and ready to tee off on Jesse Hahn. Dong of the night!

1B – Lucas Duda, $4,000: Duda is 5/10 off Yovani Gallardo with two homers. When you have 10 at bats off a pitcher and your OPS is almost 2.000 I take notice.

2B – Rickie Weeks, $3,500: Rickie has been solid filling in for Scooter Gennett for the last few days. Putting up 7,7,8 and 11 points in his last 4 starts. It sounds like Scooter is still a couple of days away, so Weeks should get the start tonight.

3B – Pedro Alvarez, $4,000: This one is simple. Alvarez is a serious power hitter going into Coors and facing Brett Anderson. What’s not to like? Stack the Bucs.

SS – Josh Rutledge, $3,700: Filling in for Tulo, Rutledge has delivered. As he’s put up double digit point totals three of the last four nights. Rutledge is going to be a solid buy until he has a night that blows up his price tag. I’d expect it to come soon. Could it be tonight?

OF 1 – Andrew McCutchen, $5,800: Here’s a little secret that isn’t a secret at all. I’m stacking Pirates against Anderson tonight. In fact, all three of my outfield picks are Pirates. Obviously, McCuthchen is one of the best hitters in baseball and a trip to Coors only makes him more desirable. Well, desirable if you get boners over home runs. Hey, don’t laugh! It’s a serious condition known as Dong Erectus and it keeps me 500 feet away from Home Run Derbys.

OF 2 – Gregory Polanco, $4,400: After coming out the gate like gangbusters back in June, Polanco has cooled down considerably. After a 27 point night on Tuesday, I’m hoping Polanco is out of his funk and on his way to a big weekend in Denver. If you’re looking to spend a little more I fully endorse Brandon Moss tonight against Jerome Williams. In fact, I endorse all A’s tonight and will have a stack lineup based around it.

OF 3 – Josh Harrison, $3,900: I’m beating a dead horse with the body of a different dead horse at this point, but I like the Pirates at Coors. I’m actually dressed like Jack Sparrow right now. Harrison may be their second best hitter this season and I always like his potential for some steals. Another play in this price range that I considered was Mark Trumbo. He hasn’t homered since returning from the DL but I like him to get off the schnide tonight in Illadelphia.
As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/24


It’s Thirsty Thursday, my daily degenerates. Someone get me a mojito!  It’s been a successful week thus far as your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru has come out of the cold streak and recouped most of the pre-All Star break losses. I’m one step closer to a winter of fun in the sun, thong watching and one giant mojito. We’re going to need more limes!


What’s up with these split slates, MLB? It’s another day of early games and seven games this evening. While I have a couple roster entries this afternoon, let’s focus on tonight’s games on DraftKings. Want to take on the Dirty Turban Crew in a 20 team 50/50? Hit this link.

Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Thursday 7/24. Good luck, cheers.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – Corey Kluber, $9,000: Why no love for Kluber today? The last time he faced the Royals he went 8.1 innings of 4-hit ball with 10 K’s. Want to pay up? It’s Max Scherzer, but he’s $$$.

SP 2 – Matt Garza, $7,700: Since the start of June, Garza has an ERA just over 3.00 and has held hitters to a .230 batting average. He gets the K happy Mets today and I’m all in on the Brew Crew.

C – Jonathan Lucroy, $4,500: It’s an ol’ Milwaukee stack today and Lucroy has to be in the middle of it. Yan Gomes is also in play tonight.

1B – Jose Abreu, $5,200: Abreu has crushed rightiesto the tune of 22 homers and a .629 SLG%. He’s been battling a bad back and has yet to homer since the break. That changes tonight as the Cuban Crusher is your Guru’s Dong of the Night. Freddie Freeman is a cheaper option.

2B – Richie Weeks, $3,500: With Scooter Gennett battling a quad injury, Weeks gets the start at a moderate price. Here’s hoping he’s hitting near the top of the Brewers lineup tonight. If you’re looking to spend Brian Dozier looks to be in a good spot.

3B – Aramis Ramirez, $4,400: Stack. Brewers. Win. $$$$.

SS – Jose Ramirez, $2,000: Jose should get the start as Asdrubal Cabrera battles a back injury. $ure, it’s a punt, but Jose did have two hits last night and 10 FPTS.

OF 1 – Ryan Braun, $5,900: Is Braun heating up or back on the juice? Who cares, he has 17 hits over his last 10 games and can inject bull semen directly into his brain stem if it wins me $$$.

OF 2 – Carlos Gomez, $4,800: Cargo-lite has a .384 wOBA at home, is averaging 9+ FPTS over his last five games an closes out our Brewers stack tonight. I’ll be praying to my Cecil Cooper bobblehead the $tack comes through tonight.

OF 3 – Moises Sierra, $2,300: Total up$ide punt play as Sierra is hitting .344 (8/16) with a double, a homer and five RBI against Twins starter Phil Hughes.

Make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and buy me a mojito with your winnings.

Featured Writer: The Guru


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/23


Mike Minor is a dick! This is the only phrase I’ve been capable of muttering the last 12 hours. Putting up a vomit inducing negative 10 points last night, teams with Minor where underwater before they even started. Such is life with our daily fantasy addiction. The highs are high and the lows are Mike Minor. I hereby pledge no matter the matchup, price, or (though hard to imagine) potential hot streak. Mike “he ain’t major he” Minor is way out of the circle of trust. No longer will he hurt me with his implosions and inability to capitalize on juicy matchups (ex: The Marlins on the road). Mike Minor may you swelter in suck.


Now that my ode to Mike Minor is complete. I wanted to talk about a topic any DFS nut worth his or her weight in internet dollars knows. That’s tailoring your roster to the contest you’re playing. The two basic approaches are on polar ends of the spectrum.

Guaranteed prize pools, and Leagues – these are the places to take chances on contrarian plays at pitcher. The logic behind this is you can use the saved budget to take advantage of a stackable matchup for a good offense. This can payoff big or can fail miserably. Believe me, I’ve lost quite a few internet dollars, and years off my life to a risky GPP lineup or two. I’ve also won hundreds of dollars due to the right risky lineup as well.

Head to Heads, and 50/50’s – I typically go with a more conservative approach in these set ups opting for well-established pitching options and reliable bats. Due to the lower budget available for bats I think it’s important to target players with speed or power upside.

Now that I’ve shared with you my two approaches I’m going to bed. Thanks anyway I’ll see you tomorrow. Oh you think I forgot the picks? Oh yeah that’s right! The picks!

Play the degenerates of the Dirty Turban by clicking here and get in our daily 50/50.

All prices based on DraftKings

SP 1 – Ian Kennedy, $8,300: I still can’t grasp why Kennedy’s price is always so low on DraftKings, but oh well no bother I’ll just own him everywhere. Seriously! Ian has been a solid play all season long putting up solid strikeout numbers and avoiding complete nuclear blow ups. He also gets the Cubs tomorrow at Wrigley. Not many teams like to strikeout as much as the Cubs. Kennedy has also avoided the HodgePadre label by defying logic and putting up better numbers outside the offense sucking vortex of Petco. Go figure.

SP 2 – Tsuyoshi Wada, $5,500: This is one of those GPP risks we talked about. He’s young and unknown but he faces the Padres and he did have a 120:28 K:BB ratio in 113.2 minor league innings. So I’m going to take a shot and use the 3,000 to 4,000 $ saved on some serious bats.

C – Evan Gattis, $4,000: Prior to hitting the DL Gattis was a regular in my DFS lineups. Now that he’s back I plan on using him a few times a week. Gattis has proven over the last year plus that he’s anything but a fluke. As he’s averaged out to 34/100 over his first full major league season. I wonder if his acquaintances from his drifter days ever see him on TV between bong rips and ask themselves if they know that guy?

1B – Albert Pujols, $5,100: I like the Angels stack against Chris Tillman tonight. Before I lost faith in Mike Minor and banished him from the circle of trust it was Tillman who was the target of my scorn. I like Albert to put one out tonight. I also like Jose Abreu after a night off as well. Choose wisely!

2B – Tommy La Stella, $3,400: La Stella lacks power and speed but makes consistent contact. His consistency and high spot in the Braves batting order make him an appealing choice at. $3,400. I’ve also lost all faith in Eovaldi at this point.

3B – Josh Donaldson, $4,600: Donaldson faces Brad Peacock tonight. Lifetime he’s 3/11 against the Bird but one of those three hits is a dong. Peacock is a terrible last name on so many levels.

SS – Dee Gordon, $4,400: Dee’s got to be the surprise of the season, as he’s reached the potential so many saw in him last season. Better late than never right? Well either way I’m rolling with Gordon tonight against Liriano. Mostly because Liriano is another former member of the circle of trust banished to the never again pile. I have a lot of pent up anger with pitchers I guess.

OF 1 – Andrew McCutchen, $5,600: Cutch has a couple of bombs off Haren in his career and oh yeah McCutchen is pretty good regardless. I know shocking stuff here on the Turban today!

OF 2 – Nelson Cruz, $5,000: This is admittedly a risky play as Cruz has 20, yes 20 strikeouts lifetime vs. Jered Weaver. He also has a couple of homers and Weaver has gotten worse as Cruz has gotten better. I’m betting against Weaver getting the best of this year’s Nelson Cruz. BTW this year’s Nelson Cruz comes with leather seats and Bluetooth standard. So what do you say can I get you into a Cruz today? That’s me selling Nelson Cruz.

OF 3 – Marlon Byrd, $3,900: Mad Bum hasn’t been good lately and Byrd is one of the few startable options in Philly. That’s my logic here. Unless you think Grady Sizemore is good. That would mean you just woke in the hospital from a 6 year coma, or you should be in the hospital for hallucinations.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz



The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/22


As any DFS player knows, the daily grind of fantasy sports can be downright One Few Over the Cuckoo Nest-kind of maddening. When you hit a cold spell that drains your bankroll and has you questioning all that is sacred you may start to think fantasy cricket may be for you. Your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru hit one of those cold streaks before the break that approached Game of Thrones-winter-is-coming-sized proportions. (Cuckoos Nest and GOT references in the first paragraph?!)


However, the tide has turned as the season kicks off it’s unofficial second half. Last night I cashed in all seven contests I entered and doubled the bankroll.  Believe me, I needed it! The cold streak had dwindled the winter in Cancun fund to something that looked more like a winter in Detroit. Let’s keep the hot streak rolling tonight.

Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Tuesday 7/22. Good luck, cheers. Want to play with the Dirty Turban degenerates tonight? Just hit this link.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – Mike Minor, $7,700: Minor hasn’t been so good lately – just check that 4.86 ERA. He also hasn’t been very lucky  – an xFIP of 3.61 suggests he’s a lot better than that. Minor will begin a $econd half bounce back on the road against the Marlins tonight.

SP 2 – Erasmo Ramirez, $5,800: We’re looking to $ave on the pitching tonight. Sure Adam Wainwright and Scott Kazmir are nice plays if you want to pay up (and we’ll have another team with those two), but we have some big bats to stack tonight. Let’s roll the dice on Erasmo who has all the talent and a great matchup against the K happy Mets.

C – Cameron Rupp, $2,300: Punt play alert, but Rupp is averaging 7 FPTS over his last seven $tarts. Want to pay up? Look to Brian McCann or Wilson Ramos.

1B – Jose Abreu, $5,200: The Cuban Crusher leads the league with 29 homers, but has yet to send one deep in the $econd half. That changes tonight. Abreu is your Guru’s Dong of the Night. Miguel Cabrera is a pricier option and, if you’re looking to save a buck, take a look at Mike Napoli in Toronto.

2B – Anthony Rendon, $4,800: Here it comes, the first piece of our Nats $tack attack in Colorado against a no-name Rockies starter with an ERA over 7. It paid off last night, let’s double down. Robinson Cano is also in play and a nice punt could be Brian Roberts of the Yankees.

3B – Ryan Zimmerman, $5,100: Love all the Nationals righty bats tonight. Can Bryce Harper bat right-handed? Zimmy is averaging 9+ FPT$ over his last 10 games. For a cheaper option look to Kyle Seager in Seattle.

SS – Ian Desmond, $4,600: Des dropped 32 FPTS on our fake teams last night as he went 5-for-5 with a homer, 3 runs and 2 RBI. Give us half that tonight and we’ll be in the $$$. Want a punt play? How about Derek Jeter. The sharks in Vegas have the Yanks scoring 5 runs tonight.

OF 1 – Jayson Werth, $5,300: Jay$on is the final piece of our pricey Nats stack. However, I’m happy to pay up for double dong potential – that sounds like the worst CraigsList ad ever.

OF 2 – Jacoby Ellsbury, $4,700: Think the Yanks make for a $neaky $tack tonight as Vegas has them scoring a bunch. If Vegas is right, Ells will be in the middle of the fun as he’s averaged nearly 20 FPTS over his last 4 games.

OF 3 – Brett Gardner, $4,400: Gardner should be leading off tonight and has that speed/power combo that makes $bank$. Other outfielders worth targeting tonight include the two boppers in Baltimore – Nelson Cruz and Adam Jones.
Make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and buy me a Margarita with your winnings.

Featured Writer: The Guru


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/21


Happy Monday, Dirty Turbaners! Hopefully you all had an incredibly productive weekend full of drinking and gambling on sports! That’s exactly what consumed my weekend, as I cashed in a contest or two every night. It was a beautiful thing as my bankroll more than doubled. The best of the bunch was a last second victory due to a 9th inning RBI single by A-Gon in the Sunday Night game. Heading into the break I was on a monstrous cold streak, but I’ve managed to right the ship and get myself back on a bed of green.


Let’s keep the momentum going tonight. I’ve studied the board and I think I’ve got a lineup that will rake in some dough and get us on the way to taking other people’s money.

Want to play ith the Dirty Turban crew tonight? Hit up this link and may the best man (or lady) win.

All prices based on DraftKings pricing

SP 1 – Chris Sale, $12,100: Not many players are more consistent in our daily game than Sale. He’s in the company of Kershaw, Wainwright, and King Felix on the Mt. Rushmore of Daily Fantasy in 2014. Going deep into games and racking up K’s, Sale is always worth the price. He squares off against the Royals today who are coming off a tough matchup against fellow lefty Jon Lester. The Royals looked lost yesterday, and I would expect that trend to continue as they face the best of what the American League has to offer in Sale.

SP 2 – Julio Teheran, $9,400: I love Teheran almost as much as an Ayatollah on a bender. When Julio is on the mound my world is all hummus and sixth wife shopping!  But seriously, Julio’s been a little off his last two starts putting up a stinker against the Mets and a mediocre outing against the Cubs. Lucky for us Teheran gets the Marlins at home tonight. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the fish this season it’s that they hate being out of water (see what I did there?). As their road production is amongst the worst in the majors. Owners of a .295 road wOBA, a 25.2% K%, and a road wRC+ of 85. There aren’t many teams pitchers should be more excited to face at home.

C – Caleb Joseph, $2,000: Caleb Joseph is like the Ramen Noodle of daily fantasy – helping you pinch pennies early in the week to afford that steak dinner on Friday (Chris Sale). He’s not good and you don’t expect much, but he does the job.

1B – Adrian Gonzalez, $4,300: A-Gon was last night’s hero of the evening winning the Dodgers the matinee of their series in St. Louis, as well as putting me over the top in a 3 team cash league. I’m giving my boy some love, but it’s more than that. As Mr. Gonzalez’s career BvP against Edinson Volquez is sweet as he’s 4/14 with two bombs. I’m hoping he can regain some of his early season form and put one into the seats at PNC tonight.

2B – Ramon Santiago, $2,300: Here’s an upside punt play I’ve been riding since Brandon Phillips went down a few weeks ago. Not only is Santiago cheap, but he’s been pretty solid. Putting up double digit totals (13, 17, 13, and 11) 4 times since the 7th of July. He hasn’t been feast or famine either, Having scored less than 7 points only once in his last 8 starts. The only caveat, make sure he’s in the lineup.

3B – Anthony Rendon, $4,600: Rendon and the Nationals travel to Denver tonight to face off against the Rockies and Franklin Morales. Rendon loves hitting lefties like Morales, putting up a wOBA of .416. Vs. southpaws. He’s actually done most of his lefty bashing away from Nationals Park, as his road lefty wOBA is a fat .502! This all sets up great for tonight’s matchup as he travels to the most hitter friendly stadium in the bigs. So let’s review, Rendon + Lefty + road game (X) Coors = Must start. Got it? Good!

SS – Xander Bogaerts, $3,300: X-man rewarded my faith in him with a 20 point night on Friday. Looking to get back to his pre-June levels of production, Xander should stay on the right track against Drew Hutchinson and the Blue Jays tonight. Expect to see Xander in my picks quite a bit going forward while his price is this low. Not many everyday players of Bogaerts ability cost under $3,500.

OF 1 – Ryan Zimmerman, $4,800: Zim has been a beast the last few weeks averaging 10.8 points over the last 12 games on DraftKings. As I mentioned in my Rendon write up, the Nats get a good matchup against Franklin Morales at Coors tonight. I’m betting on Zimmerman continuing his hot hitting in the mile high city. He’s hit lefties well this year putting up a wOBA of .365 to go with a wRC+ of 134. I think Zim’s one of the best bets on the board today, so plug him in.

OF 2 – Colby Rasmus, $3,700: Grey Albright of Razzball has a theory that Colby Rasmus only hits homers on short schedule days. I’m not sure if that’s true, but it is a short schedule day and Rasmus has started to heat up. Having put up good totals on back to back days over the weekend, I’m taking a shot and hoping Grey’s theory holds true.

OF 3 – David Peralta, $3,500: Pickings are slim for outfield options under 3,600 today, and I’m not going to throw just anyone at my loyal readers. So I’m going with a reliable option I’ve been starting a lot over the last month or so in Peralta. He gets Justin Verlander today in the desert, and that doesn’t mean what it meant back in 2012. If anything this year Verlander has become synonymous with the term blow up, giving up 4 runs or more in 8 of his last 12 starts. He’s also struggled against left handed batters like Peralta on the road allowing a wOBA of .319, and that’s with an xFIP of 4.64. So I’d expect those numbers against left-handed batters to swell over the next couple of months. Peralta has also done most of his damage against righties hitting .351 with 3 homers, and wOBA of .392. Sorry Kate but get your bosom ready to sop up Mr. Verlander’s tears once again.

As always be sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.

Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz


The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/9


(Enters stage right) What’s up my Dirty Turbanersssssss (crowd hoots Arsenal Hall style) hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot. It’s good to be back with my people! Can I tell y’all who’s got me mad? Can I? Mannnnnnn your boy Lifshitz got burnt like a Pamela Anderson ex by Julio Teheran last night. If it wasn’t for JT taking a giant crap on my DraftKings roster I would have cashed everywhere. Can I get a Seth Myers Really? Really?!? You put up a negative 6.30 points against the fracking Mets! Just goes to show Daily Fantasy is unpredictable. I think as a fictional, yet extraordinary retarded man once said “DFS is like a box of chocolates, sometimes Julio Teheran is one of those gross orange ones.” Oh look! Ice cream!


All prices based on DraftKings

SP 1 – Roenis Elias, $8,100: There are several mid to low cost arms today worth your time (Elias, Simon, Ventura, Fister, Loshe, Cobb). My favorite of the bunch is Elias. A lefty with an absolutely dirty curveball that keeps hitters off balance. I fully expect a big night from Elias against the Twins. The Twinkies have a 21.8% k% against lefties paired with a wOBA of .306. Both of those numbers place them in the bottom tier of the league against southpaws. Elias is improving as well. In fact his BB/9 has improved each month as the season has progressed, and his K/9 of 7.63 is solid. Bold prediction for tonight 7 IP, 9 K’s, 2 ER’s, and a W.

SP 2 – Alfredo Simon, $8,100: This guy (thumb points to myself) isn’t the biggest Simon believer. His FIP and xFIP are way out of whack with his ERA and his strikeout rates are below 6. Regression will come soon. I just don’t think it will be tonight against the Cubbies. I’ve talked ad nauseam about how bad the Cubs are in my previous write ups, so I don’t feel the need to elaborate. Simon has a high floor so I’m buying the security.

C – Christian Bethancourt, $2,100: I love a top prospect punt play and that’s what Bethancourt is. He’s been playing every day and certainly has some serious ability. So play on! I wonder if he’s ever considered Sister Christian for his walk up music? Then again maybe the scene from Boogie Nights with the child molester smoking crack while throwing fire crackers ruined it for him too….

1B – Jose Abreu, $5,100: This one is straight forward to any Red Sox fan. Two words Felix Doubront. I’d be shocked if Papa Large doesn’t go deep. DONG OF THE NIGHT!

2B – Kyle Seager, $4,600: I love that I get to use Seager at 2nd in DraftKings. Has he ever even played 2nd? Either way I like his matchup against Kyle Gibson and could see fitting a few Mariners into my lineups today.

3B – Adrian Beltre, $5,200: Beltre has been a beast all season but in June and July he’s been Ruthian. It seems like every night you can plug him in and expect some RBI’s or a homer. Check his June stats .392 average, 4 homers, 22 RBI’s and a .430 wOBA. His July stats are following suit with a wOBA of .477 and a wRC+ of 204. He faces Dallas Keuchel this evening who’s starting to regress. Then again Beltre can hit anyone regardless of stuff. I’m so happy the Sox let this guy walk.

SS – Elvis Andrus, $4,200: I need the speed! (Guru not that kind dude!)  Speed and power are the name of the game on DraftKings and Elvis gives me the speed. It also doesn’t hurt that he has a .353 average against lefties and he sees one in Keuchel tonight.

OF 1 – Jay Bruce, $4,200: When Bruce gets hot he gets scorching. After hitting .300 in June, he’s slumping a little in the batting average department in July. But fear not 3 of his 5 hits have gone for homers this month. Putting him one homer behind his total for last month. He gets a Cubs pitcher today in Dallas Beeler who’s very green and has meh minor league numbers. Bruce don’t let me down! Ugh sorry!

OF 2 – Jayson Werth, $4,700: Werth has been hot the last week racking up player of the week honors. I’m hoping to get some of that heat in my lineup tonight. Not much else behind it.

OF 3 – James Jones, $3,400: A few things in play with this pick. Price, Speed, Good Matchup, and the ability to blow on any given night. On Monday and Tuesday of last week Jones had back to back nights of 31 and 24 points. James “Earl” Jones is 17 of 18 this year on the base paths, and the Twins can be run on. So the speed is real (and spectacular). Even if the middle name of Earl isn’t.

As always make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and I toast your team with slightly chilled Manischewitz.


Contributing Writer: Ralph Lifshitz