The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 7/29


I don’t mean to just go on and on about my fake teams – that’s about as interesting as your girlfriend trying to tell you about The Bachelorette finale. However, your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru has had an up and down month. A terrible cold streak turned into a heater only to just break even on the month thus far. Let’s look to wrap up July with a win as I’m sick of just throwing money away.


Want to play with the Dirty Turban crew on DraftKings tonight? Click this link. Here’s your dirty turbaned Guru’s team for Tuesday 7/29. Good luck, cheers.

All values are based on DraftKings pricing.

SP 1 – James Shields, $8,400: Big Game James burned us a couple weeks ago, but the price is right for a starter with a 2.03 ERA and 28 Ks in his last four starts.

SP 2 – Trevor Bauer, $6,500: This is a roll of the dice and I can’t blame anyone that wants to pay up for Stephen Strasburg or Cole Hamels, but to fit in the big bats we want you have to find a way to save. Bauer seems a good cheap buy as he’s averaged 22 FPTS over his last four starts and has been very good at home with 48 Ks in 44 innings this season.

C – Stephen Vogt, $3,800: Vogt’s price is creeping up, but he’s still worth it. Vogt has 14 hits and six RBI over his last 10 games and a .415 wOBA against right-handed pitching.

1B – Brandon Moss, $5,100: Our A’s stack fell a little short last night so let’s double down on the team that leads the league in runs scored and RBI. 19 of Moss’ 23 homers have come against right-handed pitching this year and he’s your Guru’s Dong of the Night.

2B – Ryan Goins, $2,400: Goins had himself a night in Boston Monday with four hits, four RBI and 24 FPTS. Give us half that against the Sox struggling rookie Rubby De La Rosa and it’s a successful punt.

3B – Josh Donaldson, $5,100: Another piece of the swingin’ A’s stack attack. Dongaldson has hits in nine of his last 10 games and double digit FPTS in six of his last 10. The sharks in Vegas have the A’s as the biggest favorite on the board and scoring 5+ runs.

SS – Ramon Santiago, $2,500: Punt play alert, just make sure he’s in the lineup. Ramon does have FPTS in eight of his last 10 starts.

OF 1 – Jose Bautista, $5,700: Joey Bats has averaged 20+ FPTS over his last six games and faces a struggling Sox staff at Fenway Park where he’s hit 18 homers in 42 games .

OF 2 – Yoenis Cespedes, $5,400: The final piece of our A’s double down stack. Yoenis has 12 hits over his last nine games with three homers and 10 RBI.

OF 3 – Melky Cabrera, $4,900: The Melk Man went double dong last night with one bomb smashing through the windshield of a Sox fan’s SUV across the street from Fenway. Cabrera has been hot with 18 hits and 15 RBI over his last 10 games and the Fenway Faithful may want to just take the T.
Make sure to check the lineups, give a look at the weather and buy me a Mojito with your winnings.

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The Daily Degenerate Fantasy Baseball Picks 4/17


It was a tough day for your humble-but-nonetheless-handsome Guru as I went 0/4 in the night games over at DraftKings. I did pull out a win in one early contest to mitigate the damage, but your turbaned friend ended up in the red and the hot streak has officially ended as bats around the league went cold.


No worries, not going to be changing my strategy as my win% is hovering around 80%. With all that said, let’s look to recoup the cash and work our way towards a winter in Cancun.

There’s only five games on the docket tonight and the Vegas lines are low, i.e. don’t expect a lot of high scores from hitters. As always, when it comes to DFS leagues, pitching is king.

All prices are based on DraftKings pricing system.

SP 1 – Adam Wainwright, $11,500: We are taking the highest priced pitcher on the board. We learned our lesson yesterday when we tried to get cute with pitching. Not today. We are cashing in on Waino who is averaging 8+ K’s per start.

SP 2 – James Shields, $10,700: Expensive? Sure. Like money? Damn straight. I’d start my Nana against the Lastros.

C – David Ross, $2,000: It’s a punt play. Don’t spend on catchers. We suggested Ross yesterday and he sat against the lefty. WTF? We give him another go ’round today.

1B – Allen Craig, $3,600: Craig has been scuffling – hitting under the Mendoza line this year (.143). However, he’s got a five game hit streak, blasted his first bomb last night and the price is right.

2B – Matt Carpenter, $5,000: It’s a little pricey for my liking, but Carpenter is facing Taylor Jordan tonight – hey, isn’t that the guy who won American Idol? I dunno, dawg, but this looks tasty. Carps owns lefties.

3B – Evan Longoria, $5,000: This is our must play of the night. Longoria mashes CC to the tune of a .396 average with 6 homers in 66 AB’s. Longo go boom tonight. 

SS – Scooter Gennett, $2,000: The classic punt play here, but Scooter is averaging 5+ FPTS in his last five games.

OF 1 – Andrew McCutchen, $4,700: The o/u is just seven runs, but Dread Pirate has hit two homers in 40 AB’s against Gallardo. *crosses fingers, lights candle, prays to Willie Stargell bobblehead*

OF 2 – Wil Myers, $3,200: Our boy Wil has been struggling and we’re about to take down his Fat Head. Kind of a gut play here as Myers faces CC Sabathia who just looks weird without his gut. [Ed. note: Great analysis, Guru]. Hey, I said it was a gut play.

OF 3 – George Springer, $2000: You won’t see Springer this cheap ever again. The rookie who had his first MLB hit last night is a great power/speed combo and gets a cream puff in Bruce Chen tonight. Bold prediction: Springer goes yard and steals a base.

Good luck and give me a follow on Twitter for daily fantasy roster 411’s, updates and gifs of chicks in yoga pants. 

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Fantasy Junkies Top 100 Fantasy Baseball Players for 2014


After 2,345 hours of scouring spreadsheets, analyzing BABIP rates, K%’s and frequent Magic 8-Ball shaking, we have finally made it to end of the top 100 list. *pops champagne bottle, hits self in eye, puts on eye patch, pretends to be pirate* AARRGGHH! Obviously, some of your favorite players didn’t make the final cut (sorry, Ryan Howard, it’s not 2006 anymore), but next week we’ll get into some deep sleepers that’ll make you tingle in all the right spots. There are some bargains to be had here. Keep in mind players like Alfonso Soriano, Michael Cuddyer and Daniel Murphy were drafted in the 80-100 range last season and all finished as top 40 players for 2013. Those type of finds win leagues. With that said, let’s close out the top 100 fantasy players for 2014. Cheers.

Top 20

Top 40

Top 60

Top 80

81. Jose Altuve: Altuve makes Pedroia look like Manute Bol. However, Altuve’s stats don’t come up so short when you put them next to Pedey’s. Check it. 2014 Projections: 75/8/52/.282/30

82. Gerrit Cole: Setting the sights on getting Cole. Looking to snag Bailey, Tehran and Cole in the first 100 picks. Prolly only get two. 2014 Projections: 12/154/3.54/1.22

83. Joe Mauer: Mauer will be drafted way before this point. Those guys still live in 2009 when life was so much simpler and Mauer was good. Welcome to the overrated club.  2014 Projections: 78/12/73/.301/3

84. Michael Cuddyer: First base and outfield eligibility, hits at Coors Field. Not a sexy pick, but there’s value here. 2014 Projections: 69/21/77/.285/8

85. Yadier Molina: Here’s a catcher to skip. 2014 Projections: 59/13/68/.300/5

86. Billy Butler: Another unsexy pick Have you seen this guy2014 Projections: 75/21/90/.293/2

87. Matt Carpenter: According to Yahoo, Carps has eligibility at 23 positions and I started him at kicker in my fantasy football league last year. 2014 Projections: 90/11/65/.290/5

88. Jayson Werth: Werth is such a tease not worth our time. Play 150 games and we’ll talk, Grizzly Adams. 2014 Projections: 77/21/67/.284/8

89. Mike Minor: I might consider M&M if I miss out on Tehran. Most likely he’s gone by this point because people draft too much pitching early. Oh well, I’ll just take all the good hitters, win the league, then troll you for six months. 2014 Projections: 12/166/3.63/1.17

90. James Shields: Remember that time the Royals traded Wil Myers for Big Game James? No, don’t answer, I’m talking to my Myers fathead. 2014 Projections: 13/184/3.63/1.25

91. Mark Trumbo: Liking the trade that sent Trumbo to Arizona. It’s a better park, he’ll get regular playing time and will hit behind my man crush Paul Goldschmidt. Don’t be jealous Wil Myers fathead. 2014 Projections: 74/33/91/.242/3

92. Pedro Alvarez: Pedro hit 36 bombs last year while batting .233. Let’s hope you already drafted a third baseman by this point. 2014 Projections: 69/29/89/.242/2

93. Carlos Santana: Where’s Carlos playing, catcher, first base, third? I’d consider him at catcher, but then again I have eyes for someone else* later. *Jonathan Lucroy. 2014 Projections: 79/20/85/.256/3

94. Ben Zobrist: Zobrist can play anywhere and hit anything. By anything I mean he might hit 20 homer and get 10 steals or he might steal 20 bases and hit 10 homers. Please do those two things together, Zoby.  2014 Projections: 79/16/74/.265/12

95. Trevor Rosenthal: Nice closer on your real baseball team, nice player not on your fantasy team. Wait on closers. 2014 Projections: 5/29/90/2.59/1.13

96. Jedd Gyorko: I have Gyorko a little higher than most because I have my heart set on him. Happy Valentine’s Day. 2014 Projections: 72/24/83/.262/4

97. Doug Fister: I’m a fan of drafting pitchers from the National League. Thanks for trading him to the Nationals, Detroit. 2014 Projections: 13/153/3.41/ 1.23

98. Wilin Rosario: Here’s another catcher I’ll miss out on. 2014 Projections: 61/25/70/.275/4

99. Brandon Philips: Phillips has been on a lot of my teams over the years. I’ve won with him, I’ve lost with him, so much we have shared together. 2014 Projections: 78/17/77/.268/8

100. Billy Hamilton: Wow, seeing Hamilton go really, really early in mocks so far. That’s a lot to spend for a guy with one skill. What’s good ol’ Magic 8-Ball say? “You can’t steal first base.” Thanks, Magic 8-Ball. “You’re welcome.” 2014 Projections: 61/5/38/.245/66

And there you have it, fantasy junkies, the top 100. Any questions, comments, proposals? Hit me up on Twitter @TheGuruGS