(VIDEO) Jon Stewart Delivers Knockout Blow To NFL Over Ray Rice ‘Punishment’

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show gave Roger Goodell and the NFL an ol’ fashioned beatdown (bad choice of words? too soon?) over their “punishment” of Baltimore Ravens running batterer Ray Rice.

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Michelle Beadle Bitch Slaps Stephen A. Smith


In an attempt to stay relevant and reclaim audience’s attention, ESPN chose to allow sports “reporter” (I use that term loosely) Stephen A. Smith to weigh in on his thoughts regarding the Ray Rice suspension for domestic violence on this morning’s First Take.  Needless to say, Smith proved that opinions are like a**holes, and everybody has one, but also that some people are them.

In his segment this morning, Smith implied that women are to blame for domestic violence and that they should “try not to provoke men.”

ESPN colleague Michelle Beadle agreed with Smith’s new role as “ESPN’s A-hole of the Year,” and an ESPN-themed Twitstorm ensued.  .

Smith then, showing that he is the master of the side step, took to the twittersphere with an even more long-winded Twitter rant to try to disseminate his budding reputation as a complete a**hole:


I wonder what the “A” in Stephen A. Smith stands for?  Hmmm, after seeing his “commentary” and reading the tweets, this single yet glamorously beautiful southern gal has an idea, but I dare say it out loud, I wouldn’t want to provoke a man to hit me.

[turban tip Deadspin and USA Today]

Contributing Writer: Dixie Darling

(VIDEO) Ravens RB Ray Rice Drags Unconscious Fiancee Out of Elevator

TMZ Sports has released a video of Baltimore Ravens running back and OJ Simpson impersonator Ray Rice appearing to drag his fiancee, Janay Palmer, out of an elevator at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City last Saturday after allegedly knocking her out with a punch.

Rice’s attorney told TMZ, “The video that’s being posted… is not the complete event, but is merely the end result of what transpired.”

Rice and Palmer were both later arrested for assault. Allegedly, Rice attempted to elude police, but was brought down after 2.9 yards.

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Ray Rice Busted in Atlantic City


According to Deadspin, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was arrested over the weekend after punching a woman in Atlantic City.

Deadspin tipsters say the woman—reported to be Rices fiancée—spit on him during an argument at the Revel Casino, and “in retaliation, Rice allegedly uppercut her,” knocking the woman “completely unconscious.”

Rice and the unidentified woman were both arrested and released. Unconfirmed reports had Rice trying to run away, but was apprehended after 2.9 yards.


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