Joel Embiid Has Awesome Twitter Game, Makes Play For Rihanna


New Philadelphia 76er center Joel Embiid knows he won’t be playing in the NBA for a while as he recovers from a broken foot, but that’s no reason he can’t stay busy – hitting up his favorite ladies on Twitter.

First, Embiid set his sights on Kim Kardashian only to realize she’s kinda married to a sorta psycho.

However, that didn’t stop the baller from taking another shot. This time at Rihanna.

As far as we know Ri never tweeted Joel back, but watch out, kid. That Chris Brown’s not too friendly either.


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(GIF) Boob Alert! Rhianna Goes Braless at Nets – Raptors

Rihanna was letting it all hang out courtside at Friday’s Nets-Raptors game in Brooklyn.


Rih is not a big bra fan and we tip our dirty turban in her general direction.

*Quick note: It’s a good thing I didn’t go to the game because I wore that same cheetah print outfit Rih’s friend is sporting on Friday night. Would have been aawwwkward!

[h/t @CJZERO]

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**NSFW (PHOTOS) Morning Wood: Rihanna Goes Bottomless, Internet Explodes


Rihanna was getting down and dirty Wednesday in Hollywood as the the singer was buns up and kneeling for a spread in some French magazine.

According to TMZ, it was one poor slobs job to pour water on her back during the shoot. How do I apply for that position? You guys need interns? I’m really good at pouring.

Check out all the pics here. Keep in mind they are NSFW because once you see them you won’t be getting up from your desk for awhile.

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